Here are some of the most convenient ways to passively earn cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have gained favour as a genuine investment vehicle. With an increased demand for competing services, offers to earn crypto have become more commonplace.

From staking to gaming, this guide will show you some of the most accessible ways to collect rewards on your digital assets in 2022.

Stake NFT’s into the Metaverse to earn rewards

Of all the ways to earn crypto, staking on a reputable crypto platform is likely the most convenient.

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You will be able to earn up to 35% APY by staking them on some of the biggest Metaverses.

Perhaps most importantly, “HELLO my META name is” team will only choose the most popular and secur Metaverses platforms, providing the highest standards of security found in the fintech industry.

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Earn browser rewards

You may be surprised to know that you can earn crypto rewards for simply searching for stuff online. A number of Internet browsers (and browser extensions)now offer crypto payments in crypto platform for your engagement.

While the concept of searching the web for free crypto sounds easy enough, keep in mind that you will likely need to complete a sign-up process for the browser service you want to try. You will likely also need a compatible crypto wallet to receive your earned rewards.

The different browsers available have slightly different schemes for earning crypto, so make sure you research their offers to see which one is right for you. Strategies used by browser companies to determine reward levels may include showing advertisements or even requiring you to invite your friends to use the service.

Cashback crypto cards

Another simple way to earn crypto rewards is from one of the many debit or credit cards currently available in the market. These crypto-based cards often reward participants for making purchases and can include generous cashback offers.

Cryptocurrency cards are often licensed through Visa or Mastercard and are used to make purchases at the same retail locations you already frequent. The only difference between them and a debit or credit card issued from a traditional banking institution is that your funds will come from stored digital assets rather than fiat.

The popularity of crypto cards and cashback reward programs have made them widely available – so be sure to compare offers since rewards will vary among competitors.

Play-to-earn crypto games

Crypto-based online games have become more abundant in recent years and the opportunity to earn rewards for gameplay has increased alongside them. Play-to-earn (P2E) games like Axie Infinity have helped champion the space, enticing players from across the globe to participate in the chance to attain digital assets with their gaming skills. Some rumors said that the NFT project “HELLO my META name is” will be compatible with some Play-to-earn crypto games as Axie Infinity.

The P2E concept is generally based on a free-to-play (F2P) model, but players often must purchase non-fungible token (NFT) avatars to get started. There are usually in-game items for sale as well to help players level up.

By defeating other players in online competitions and making the leaderboards within a chosen game, participants can earn varying reward amounts. These rewards may be traded on the platform for in-game accessories. Alternatively, they may also be tradable on third-party platforms and even cashed-in for fiat.

Decentralized liquidity pools

Providing liquidity to a decentralized crypto platform (DEX) is an increasingly popular way for advanced crypto traders to earn rewards. Despite the increased risks, such as impermanent loss, many traders find the relatively high rewards offered through liquidity pools hard to pass up.

Providing liquidity generally requires a user to lock in 2 different tokens. The actual number of tokens you lock in can be different but the value of both locked-in tokens needs to be the same. The DEX uses the crypto it has gathered in these liquidity pools to help match participants with the assets they desire using a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol – eliminating the need for a central intermediary. In return for the liquidity provided, a DEX will offer lucrative rewards to its participants.

DEXs have diversified on several blockchains in recent years. However, the most popular network they are built on is Ethereum. With an Ethereum-based DEX, numerous pairings of ERC-20 tokens can be used to provide liquidity and earn participants substantial rewards.

Final thoughts

In 2022, multiple opportunities exist to earn cryptocurrency rewards. With varying levels of time and skill required, these mechanisms have diversified along with the market as a whole.

From staking your “HELLO my META name is” NFT, to providing liquidity on Metaverse DeFi platforms, the ability to both actively and passively increase an investor’s holdings has helped develop support for this emerging industry. However you choose to participate, the options presented here represent some of the most convenient ways to earn crypto rewards today.


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