The purpose of this article is to give a general introduction to MetaTube, a metaverse game. This article covers worldview stories, art styles, battle modes, dynamic economic models, gameplay, and social tendencies.

  1. Worldview Setting

In the game’s worldview, human civilization has been developing and looking for other civilizations. After a global revolt that lasted less than a month and led to millions of deaths, there was a strange disturbances swept through the solar system, and wormholes of all sizes, stable and disappearing suddenly appeared all over the place.

The people of “Second Book”, which controls the core technology of immortality discovered the wormholes led to a parallel universe, where the beings are called spirits. There human find a way to corporate with the spirits to battle with their enemy – ‘Nebula Devourer’ and fight for both their futures.

The player takes on the role of a human in this world view, and they need to cooperate with sprites to play.

  1. Art Style

Our art team tries to achieve a balance between quality and cost by adopting the most cutting-edge and adaptable style for the main art design of the game.


Realistic cyberpunk style, this scene is designed to give the user a sense of reality, allowing the player to experience the real life in the city of the night.


Realistic cyberpunk style. The role building aims to allow users to choose any appearance they want, so we will consider moderately open the function of allowing users to build their own faces, as well as some simple appearance customization functions of outerwear and accessories in the early stage. In the later stage might also open the role of prosthetic limb reconstruction and other gameplay.


Sprites modeling will include cartoon style and cyberpunk elements. We want to make the elf a pet-like character, with upgrades — evolution. Over the course of evolution, the appearance of elves also changes, from cute pets to handsome, reliable teammates who can fight alongside you.


Flat, technological, our mission is to create as much realism and technology as possible for the user.

The special effects

Hand-drawn, technology wind, our special effects made reference to the league of Legends skill special effects, to bring players a cool feeling.

  1. Battle Mode

This game is traditional turn-based, and for beginners, we have handy auxiliary skills, such as automatic combat. As for the number of players, the game supports up to 5V5 matches, so you can enjoy playing with many of your friends.

Each character has a fixed speed, and speed determines the final order of attack. For example, if one character A has speed 1 and the other character B has speed 3, the order of shot would be B — A. Of course, this is just the simplest example, and we’ll prepare a common timeline for more complicated cases.

Combat strategies are designed around this core mechanic, and characters can be speed, attack, or defensive. When a character’s value in one ability (attack, defense, speed) is too high, the value in other abilities will decrease accordingly. So watch your platoon. As a simple example, you can put a strong defensive character in front to absorb damage, and a strong attack character in the back for the main output. Easy, right?

  1. Dynamic Economic Mode

Basically, the game emphasizes consumption during various interactions and growth to control the overall amount of resources in circulation. At the same time, we focus on the differences between players’ needs and encourage players to interact with each other based on their needs. (such as opening up trading markets where players can buy rare items or equipment with currency). This means that players have two choices when they receive an item: they can either consume the item directly to make themselves stronger and bring in potential future revenue; The second is to go to the market to sell the props, bringing direct monetary benefits. 

  1. Core gameplay

Right now our core gameplay is all about sprites.

In the game, players can use AR to catch pets, and pets need to go through certain training before they can be formally put into combat. AR pet capture requires the use of specific capture tools, capture tools can be divided into multiple levels, support players DIY cultivation, transformation, trading, late expansion, early only to achieve basic functions. When the Sprite is generated around the player, the corresponding reminder will appear. Open the AR function, and the corresponding Sprite can be captured. The capture process and results are random.

After the capture is successful, it can be trained, mainly divided into upgrade, advanced, mutation, skill learning, feeding, rest two and so on. The difficulty of these methods varies. Leveling up and feeding can be achieved by gaining experience points, while leveling up and refining require certain items. Variation and skill learning are random, but the results can be more surprising.

After that, you can fight elf battles. Up to 5V5 will be supported, wheel and BP will be introduced later. Victory is declared when all health of one side is reduced to zero and the other side still has elves alive. Sprites attack based on normal attacks, skills, and special abilities. Sprites can be controlled by the player on command, or they can attack automatically.

This article provides a basic explanation of the world view, art design, combat systems, economic models, and core gameplay. If you are interested in our game, MetaTube, please stay tuned. 

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