Come and see the new “Hello my META name is” Meta NFT on Opensea’s marketplace.

Wanting to offer an avenue for the average collector to leave their mark on this rapidly advancing cyber environment, the corporation gave several of its leading crypto specialists the task of creating item NFTs which can not only be bought, sold and traded, but that also present something unique: the opportunity to make personalized pieces even within the Metaverse, and with more and more utility in the future as a cross-chain that allows you to choose your NFT/Metaverse Blockchain.

“Hello My Meta Name Is” is a development in design personalization that is set to be fully operational by the first quarter of 2023. Once launched, it will allow collectors to attach a tag with their very own name to their nonfungible token and stak it into the Metaverse to earn rewards in different cryptocurrencies.

There are many rumors taking over the discussions in NFT’s groups that say “Hello, My Meta Name is” NFTs are somehow related to Decentraland, Sandbox, or VeVe Metaverse, allowing future partnership compatibility. If true, you will be able to stack your NFTs in these metaverses and earn MANA, SAND, or OMI rewards. We want to make it clear that these assumptions and gossips are mostly inaccurate. The main purpose of “Hello My META Name is” NFTs is to give everyone a chance to put their name into the Metaverse and to allow them to own a piece of history that will one day be worth something!

Built on Blockchain technology, “Hello My Meta Name Is” will be able to support cross-chain bridging in the near future. The user will be able to earn passive income when staking their NFT into a compatible Metaverse. Collaborating with various networks and other Metaverse platforms will be announced, as explained on the Roadmap.

The developers have opted to include a rewards program titled “Give Back To The Community”. Here, first-time buyers and other owners selected at particular purchasing intervals will be presented with the opportunity to double their investments while maintaining ownership of their NFTs. At each stage, new owners are given the chance to have their winnings in ETH returned to their Wallets.

The first 5000 “Hello, My Meta Name is” NFTs sold will involve a draw that gives an owner the opportunity to double what they invested in ETH on their Wallet. The same goes for the different NFT sales milestones. You’ll be on the ground floor, watching as this fire starts to take off.

For example, if I buy an “Uncommon Hello my META name is” NFT and I win, I will receive double my cost price in ETH in my wallet and keep my NFT.

Prospective buyers should be aware that this catalog features a limited amount of NFTs, with the cut-off at 10,000, as the creators are opting to retain a total of 10 NFTs for use in contests and other marketing pursuits. The team have put together a prompt timeline for the accomplishment of project milestones. According to this roadmap, pre-sales featuring a 20% purchasing discount will start on the 17th of March, while public sales will kick off thereafter.

As for the images themselves, it is worth noting that the company has put particular thought and care into the items displayed. According to their spokesperson, “It didn’t seem enough to just have a funny or useless image. We wanted to create a complete project that has a future and therefore is an investment for NFT owners. In addition, as the Metaverse is a historical revolution, we wanted to make it easier to be able to “Put your name in the metaverse”. The purchase of our NFT will be accompanied by our constant development and partnerships team in order to democratize NFTs and prove that they can have a real use in our physical lives, investments, and virtual lives by having our name in the Metaverse.”

I personally have hope in this project and have already chosen the “Hello my META name is” NFT that I want to purchase. All purchases are made through and you can follow the project on Instagram @hellomymetanameis and Twitter @mymetanameis , or visit


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