AIO is a token that will be used for general operation in the AioNFT ecosystem, AIO will be accepted as the main form of payment for transactions at AioNFT Marketplace.

Token Holder Access:


– Token Holder Access

– Highlighting features

– Automated deposit release

– Title deed verification

– Posting a promotional ad

– Employing 3rd party and partners services

– Entering Agreements and executing Smart Contracts

– By using AIO as a form of payment, users will be completely free of transactions in the AioNFT ecosystem.

– Users can use AIO in the form of Staking, Lending, and Making a profit

– Participate in voting to decide the development of the project and the community.

We empower the community with the goal of developing a cohesive and long-term community

Platform Service

In 2021, NFT is no longer a “bubble” like it was in 2019 because now NFT is a game of many big players like Binance, FTX, and Coinbase. They have attacked not only the virtual game area but also many other areas with real applications such as music, property, art. Most importantly, the NFT market is being “professionalized”. In addition to entertainment and collecting purposes like 2017, NFTs is an application in the DeFi market and gradually completes a separate NFT Stack. Therefore, the role and potential of NFTs in 2021 will be very different from before.

Our mission is to create a platform to help creators access the best DeFi and NFT opportunities. This includes providing creators with the chance to raise awareness of their work. As AioNFT continues to make strides in developing the platform and further growing the number of premium artists on, marketing channels and expanding our community.

Currently, the NFT Marketplace projects in the market have not had outstanding growth and attractive ecosystems, which is an opportunity for AioNFT to break through with its closed ecosystem. NFT’s cash flow still accounts for the most in two systems Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, so starting with the BSC ecosystem will help AioNFT leap faster.

More Information About AioNFT:

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