The initial success of beFITTER can be attributed to the developers, the team behind it, and Icetea Labs which provided the required resources and helped the project nurture and grow in a highly competitive market. beFITTER is not merely a Move-to-Earn project but plans to accomplish way more. The aim, as shared by the team, is to create a fitter and healthier world by following scientific principles. And with health becoming a major concern amongst the masses, there couldn’t be a better time to launch the project. According to recent surveys, more than 50 million people in the USA participate in running activities. beFITTER intends to reward these users for simply doing what they already do, exercise!

Icetea Labs, the major power behind beFITTER, is one of the leading incubators in SEA and promotes blockchain and metaverse projects. It eliminates the very critical barrier for any project, raising funds in the initial phase. Also, Icetea Labs has over 100 successful projects listed and has founded two of the best-performing launchpads, GameFi and Red Kite.

beFITTER works along the lines of the Proof-of-Work-Out concept which is aimed at creating sensation and having a fit body. The idea is also to let users socialize with one another and create a healthy competition.

About the beFITTER NFTs

While minting NFTs wouldn’t seem like an intricate task to many, getting all the critical aspects right certainly is. And, beFITTER has done that perfectly well! It’s not merely a virtual art; each NFT has been meticulously crafted and designed after putting in a great effort. The team first identified what the platform’s users look to seek and accordingly came up with the NFT collection.

Also, since the character’s feet are larger than usual, the detailing comes out strong, and the NFTs look more prominent. Softwares like Maya, Sketchup, and Blender, amongst others, were used during the process of creating these NFTs, and in the end, these turned out pretty well and have garnered a lot of attention amongst NFT enthusiasts.

The awesome team behind beFITTER

All credit for the project’s success goes to the dedicated team that worked round the clock to help beFITTER achieve great heights, and become both fascinating and sustainable in the long run. Here are the people you should know about:

Ba Nguyen – Co-founder

Ba has a tremendous experience in the blockchain industry and has worked on some of the most successful projects, such as PolkaFoundry, Red Kite Launchpad, and game hub.

Trang Doan – Product Owner

Having spent 8 years in Software Development and 2.5 years as a Product Owner, Trang understands the intricacies of the project and has appreciably contributed to its development.

Ha Nguyen – Head of Development

Well-versed in team management and leadership, Ha’s 10 years of experience developing finance and educational applications have played out well for beFITTER.

Thai Trieu – Art Director

Thai has worked on several successful international projects and has a good understanding of animations, films, and games. His 8+ years of experience in the gaming industry helped create one of the most detailed and captivating NFT collections.

The fruit of limitless effort from the team

The recently concluded Alpha Test Challenge was a major success with more than 250,000 registrations and 15,878 unique active users. The total distance traveled by the participants stood at 38,117 km, and the longest activity amongst all the categories (walking, running, and cycling) was 52.4 km of cycling.

The Beta Testnet Event, meanwhile, achieved highly impressive results, with 19,237 active users, and the longest engaged time was recorded at 75 mins. There was also a buzz of excitement all around the project’s social media as the event was successfully wrapped up.

Besides, at the INO on the 20th of June 2022, the Shoe Box NFT collection has been selling like crazy. beFITTER managed to sell 100 out of 500 NFTs in just 3 minutes on, while 400 Shoe Box NFTs sold out in just 1 day on At the pre-sale on the 6th of July, beFITTER Shop (the newly-launched marketplace on their website) presented 1,030 NFT boxes for sale. All were sold out in just 28 minutes, with 30 Diamond boxes gone in less than 3 minutes. These numbers speak a great detail about the craze around beFITTER amongst fitness enthusiasts.

The IDO was conducted a few days ago on some of the best-performing launchpads including Red Kite, GameFi, and DAO Maker. The total supply of the token for sale ($FIU token) has been capped at 1,000,000,000, with the initial price set at $0.015, and the project’s valuation at the time of IDO stands at $15,000,000. The event was truly a blast for the crowd.

beFITTER mainnet launching

Compared to the Pre-mainnet phase, this is the official version of the beFITTER app with bugs fixed, bringing users the most satisfying experience and intense excitement ever. With beFITTER Mainnet, Fitters can: 

  • Join activities (run/walk/cycle) to earn tokens
  • Open inventory and do activities with shoe NFTs, including:

+ View shoe NFTs’ information

+ Sell NFTs
+ Repair, mint, level up, lease, and transfer shoes

+ Unbox and transfer Mystery Shoe Box NFTs

  • Use wallet

+ Access the wallet page throughout the user profile section
+ Manage tokens & NFTs
+ Transfer assets from Decentralized Wallet into Spending Wallet and vice versa

  • View one’s and others’ profiles
  • Buy and sell Shoe NFTs and Shoe Box NFTs on the Marketplace
  • Join beFITTER Social to interact with other users through beFITTER newsfeed

Launching time: 11 AM UTC, July 22, 2022

Download links:


beFITTER app interface and in-app features


About the beFITTER app

The beFITTER app will soon be available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once it’s available, users can download it and start earning exciting rewards for activities like walking, running, and cycling. They can view their Shoe collection, repair it, boost it, sell their NFTs, or unbox the Mystery Shoe NFT, all of it through the inventory.

Also, the app will allow users to view their current holdings, both the tokens, and NFTs, along with the option to transfer their spending to the wallet. In addition to that, users can check out their profiles or that of their friends. The best part, it will allow selling the Mystery Shoe Box or Shoe NFT from the marketplace. And, the app will offer a lot more. Stay tuned to find out!

To know all about beFITTER, visit their official website:

Also, follow them on all social channels to stay updated with the day-to-day developments, launches, and sales.









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