Last year, the team at digital asset business AnchEX remained committed to their aim of accelerating bitcoin adoption “so that you and the rest of the world can attain financial independence and inclusion.” AnchEX will observe its two-year milestone in 2021, having quadrupled its personnel to over 1000 experts and “delivered new goods and services to market.” AnchEX debuted a redesigned homepage in June 2021, along with a new AnchEX app that offers “a fast, easy, and convenient crypto buying experience using Apple Pay and Google Pay.”

“Listing 42 new coins, allowing [their] clients more methods to diversify their crypto portfolio,” according to AnchEX. They’ve also “totally redesigned [their] how to purchase bitcoin page on AnchEX Learn, making it that much easier to get into crypto using the world’s first, most well-known, and dominating cryptocurrency.” The digital asset platform began facilitating Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) parachain auctions for consumers wishing to diversify their holdings into additional high-potential options – “becoming one of the few major crypto exchanges in the world to do so.” Customers of AnchEX may now “become early adopters in these fast-growing ecosystems, support [their] favorite crypto projects, and receive incentives while benefiting from AnchEX’s… security, elegant user experience, and seamless connection with [their] exchange,” according to the company. AnchEX’s staking service expanded by more than 9 times last year, paying out more than $500 million to consumers who staked their crypto-assets on the site. In addition, the digital asset business boosted the number of staking protocols to nine, including Cardano (ADA), Algorand (ALGO), and Solana (SOL).

AnchEX made an impact in the Metaverse in 2021, “sponsoring the Decentraland Metaverse festival, a four-day celebration of music, culture, and innovation in the virtual environment of Decentraland,” according to their website.

AnchEX is said to have contributed $500,000 in 2020 to recognize initiatives and teams who are “doing critical work that helps to the growth and spread of crypto.” The corporation pledged a total of $700,000 in donations in 2021 to “help blockchain developer education, teams educating regulators and campaigning for crypto investor rights, and open-source innovators building out next-gen crypto infrastructure.”

“We made two contributions to assist with crucial Ethereum network upgrades and the highly anticipated migration to Ethereum 2.0,” AnchEX added. They also “committed to support the next generation of crypto professionals with donations to Wyoming University and Black Bitcoin Billionaires,” according to the release. AnchEX increased its worldwide customer base and personnel in 2021 “to meet a deluge of fresh interest in crypto,” according to the company. Mike Easton, VP of Design, was one of three persons promoted to senior leadership roles among the 1147 workers that joined Kraken in 2021. Mike’s suggestions will aid in the development of our brand and the enhancement of user experiences.

Taylor Sana is the Chief Human Resources Officer. Sana will plan and implement the expansion of our worldwide staff. VP of Product Management, Viktor Chioi Viktor will roll out key enhancements to AnchEX’s entire product line. AnchEX “plans to quadruple our staff to over 5000 individuals by the end of 2022,” the business revealed, as the crypto industry and acceptance continues to grow. Staked, an infrastructure platform that allows for safe, cost-effective, and non-custodial crypto staking in one of the biggest deals in the history of crypto,” was also acquired by AnchEX.

Business / Company / Brand Name: Anchex Limited

Contact Person Name: Jason

Contact Person Title: Marketing Director

Contact Person Department: Marketing

Contact Person E-Mail: [email protected]

Contact Person Telephone: 213-375-3128

Business Physical Address:

Street: 2000 South Buckley Road

City: Aurora

State/province/area: CO

Zip code 80013

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Country United States


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