After a successful first phase of IEO, the world’s biggest art token – ARTRINO, is now holding the second phase of IEO on two exchanges, IndoEx and Coinsbit. The IEO on IndoEX starts on May 9 and will end on May 14, and the listing has been scheduled for May 15, 2022, with ArtRino offering a 50% bonus. On the other hand, the IEO on CoinsBit will be a tad longer and extend from May 10 to May 19, with the listing date set for May 20.

ArtRino is all about art and ensuring that both art and artists are appreciated across the globe. The idea behind a blockchain-based platform is to make artwork available to everyone rather than being traded just amongst the elites, as has been the case to date. With the online art market seeing an exponential increase in terms of revenue in the last few years, it has become evident that people have developed an interest in creative art pieces. So, ArtRino took matters into its own hands to make it accessible to all.

All about WDAF, the virtual art galleries for masterpieces

ArtRino has launched the World Digital Art Fair (WDAF) to help young talents feature their art pieces and showcase them to the audience worldwide. Collectors can purchase these masterpieces in the form of NFTs that can be used in the metaverse. The possibilities are limitless! 

Apart from that, artists stand a chance to win rewards worth $50,000 worth of ArtRino tokens, if their art gets chosen for the Best Artwork Award. The evaluation will be transparent and conducted by individual voters and an experienced panel of judges.  

Besides, to value the voter’s contribution to the platform, World Digital Art Fair will offer several rewards to them as well. The first one, $50,000 worth of ArtRino tokens, will be distributed amongst those who voted for the art piece chosen for the Best Art Work award. Another $100,000 worth of ArtRino tokens will be given to 10 voters  ($10,000 each), selected randomly. So, there’s excitement and rewards for everyone here, whether the voter or the artist.

World Digital Art Fair also has virtual galleries and exhibition halls where the best artworks from across the globe are featured. The talented artists have dedicated virtual galleries to showcase their masterpieces. ArtRino has also acquired land in the metaverse and plans to organize exhibitions in the coming days.

Now, collectors can use Art Stock tokens, often referred to as baby ArtRino tokens, to purchase artworks from the platform’s exhibitions.

To find out more about World Digital Art Fair, visit the official website

ArtRino’s IEO Phase 2 is here

After gaining considerable ground and revolutionizing the art market, ArtRino plans to host the second phase of IEO in May 2022. Brief details have already been shared earlier, but there’s a lot more to the IEO, and the detailed information regarding it is listed below.

ARTRINO IEO & Listing ON IndoEX:

IEO Price : 0.1$ + 50% BONUS   

IEO Date: from 9th to 14th May

Listing price: 0.1$

Listing Date: 15th May

ARTRINO IEO & Listing ON CoinsBit:

IEO Price : 0.1$  

IEO Date: from 10th to 19th May

Listing price: 0.15$

Listing Date: 20th May

The minimum order limit on IndoEX and CoinsBit exchanges has been capped at 1000 ArtRino tokens. And, the session supply for the former is 10,000,000 while that for the latter is 5,000,000. 

To find out more about the IEO, visit the links provided below.



ArtRino is revolutionizing the art market

Ever since collecting art became popular and these started to be considered assets, only the rich, elite, and powerful had access to it. Others couldn’t be part of the auctions. It wasn’t just unfair to the collectors but also to the artists. With there being a monopoly kind of situation, newcomers often found it challenging to get noticed. But, ArtRino plans to change that by bringing art to the people. The platform showcases every piece of artwork that is worthy of appreciation and reflects creativity.

One of the reasons that made it possible for ArtRino to reach the people was the growth of NFTs and the increased awareness around it. More and more people now want to collect and hold artistic NFTs, and ArtRino helps achieve that by acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. 

The ArtRino token is currently listed on BitMart and PanCakeSwap and plans to get listed on more than 10 exchanges this year. One to two listings have been scheduled for every month.

To find out more about ArtRino, visit

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Abhishek C

Company: ArtRino Corp

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