There has always been a demand for community coins owing to the underlying project’s community-oriented operations. But the options, so far, have been limited. This left enthusiasts with just a few coins, most of which weren’t aligned with the market. That changes with Baste, a first-of-its-kind community coin where it’s truly the community that takes centerstage!

Baste has a different approach to critical aspects, ranging from airdrops to voting on future decisions. As for airdrops, it relies on in-person events to filter users who sign up with several different wallets. This approach ensures equitable participation and the creation of a project-oriented community. As for the decision-making, all polls are held on their official Discord channel with complete transparency. 

About the Baste coin

Baste is a long-term coin. Its fundamentals are more aligned with the market, and the coin can resist volatility. This, in a landscape like cryptocurrency, is a rare feat!

Baste’s tokenomics reflect the creator’s effort to minimize the market impact and ensure long-term success. Of the total supply, 19.8% is assigned to giveaways, airdrops and marketing, 7.8% is set aside for listing on CEX (Centralized Exchanges), 7.7% is reserved for early volunteers, 12% for the fair launch, and a significant share is locked in the liquidity pool. All of this with no team, developer, or marketing tax!

The founder’s share is pegged at 1%, while the team’s is 2%. It’s the community that gets the larger share of Baste coins, giving them a higher say in decision-making. This token does have reflections, but there is no tax/share given to the team. It is only split amongst holders (1%) and locked away into the liquidity pool (1.5%). As an added bonus, all lockups, and team wallets, are excluded.

About the founder and future plans for Baste

Anyone with a decent understanding of the blockchain world would identify how Baste outperforms other community coins in the space. It could only be achieved through the efforts of the founder, with 11 years of experience in crypto, and the team!

Presently, the creators are looking to build a big enough community with more individuals rather than a few holding most of the coins. The Baste team will soon attend two local crypto events in New York and the Bitcoin 2024 conference in order to spread the word.

As the community evolves, there will be regular meetups and airdrops. Besides, Baste will soon be listed on Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), followed by locking up the coin on swaps, such as BaseSwap and AlienBase. 

For all those who believe they possess the right insights into cryptocurrency, it’s the perfect opportunity. Join the community from the early days, navigate through the challenges, share ideas that will aid the project, vote on critical decisions, and ultimately achieve success.

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