Get Ethereum directly from your bank

The value of Ethereum has risen above $3,500 and has a market cap bigger than Bank of America. With this news and the good performance of many cryptos, more potential investors are interested in cryptocurrencies.

The problem is that these newly enlightened people don’t know how to get cryptocurrencies. Bitstocx is here for this brand new audience. Bitstocx had launched a product to get the power of crypto directly through its own bank account and plans to reach 1Bn deposit by the end of the year.

Bitstocx is the unique bridge that allows you to access the crypto market in a regulated and secure way, without having to open an account or transfer funds, without KYC, or manage a crypto wallet. All operations are from your regular bank.

In just 3 steps and they can access the crypto markets: 1. Choose the Bitstocx asset available, ETH /USD, 2. Contact their bank and give them the reference number (ISIN code: CH0596609286), 3. Decide the amount they want to buy. That’s it!

The price is live, just like the crypto market, and there is no lock-up period, so they can buy and sell Ethereum on the same day and make a daily profit.
Bitstocx takes care of the execution, wallet, insurance for them, and provides an audit every month. Plus, Bitstocx’s products are listed in the most trusted place in the world, Switzerland.

The other exciting news is that Bitstocx is not just about Ethereum, but other cryptos that work well. Right now Bitstocx’s product list consists of BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, BTC/CHF, ETH /USD, ETH /EUR, BCH /USD, and LTC/USD, and will be expanding to other cryptocurrencies in the near future.

About us

Bitstocx is the latest product launched by Bithoven Capital, a financial company based in Switzerland. Bithoven Capital offers a wide range of crypto-related products and provides a unique and advanced offering for institutional and high net worth individuals.

It has never been so easy to get access to crypto.

To learn more about Bitstocx, visit our website at or email us at [email protected].


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