w era for launchpads, enabling everyday users to access early investment opportunities for emerging projects. Our latest innovation, ShardStarter, represents a transformative step forward in the world of launchpads. Investment using Decentralization have made it easier for blockchain startups to raise funds, creating a growing opportunity for early investors. These startups now have their own platforms where individuals can create accounts and qualify for a whitelist.

However, the crypto industry can be complex and challenging for both projects and investors. There is a lack of professional guidance to navigate the crypto space, and many projects lack sustainable business models, leaving it up to investors to do their own research by creating accounts on various launchpads. While launchpads can be useful for all projects, they often provide little crypto-specific guidance for the projects they host. New and innovative blockchain projects are frequently launched on various platforms, providing early adopters with the opportunity to gain an advantage, but navigating these challenges requires skill and experience. Investors must be cautious to avoid being scammed by dishonest teams through rugpulls, non-delivery and other fraudulent activities.

The Problem of Launchpads and Allocation Dilution

The initial market capitalization of a project determines the amount of IDO allocation that can be offered to users. At the early stages of a launchpad community, users receive higher IDO allocation amounts because of the low number of IDO participants. The first few IDOs are usually very successful, leading to a rapid increase in community growth and traction. As more users purchase launchpad tokens and stake them to participate in IDOs, the token price surges. Unfortunately, this rapid growth of launchpads can have two self-sabotaging side effects on the community.

The first side effect is the problem of allocation dilution. To accommodate the increasing number of IDO participants, the popular “weighted system” can only offer each participant a tiny allocation, and holding more tokens increases the chances of receiving that tiny allocation, but does not increase the possibility of a higher allocation. To offset the high cost of participation, users usually keep their tokens locked to participate in every IDO launch regardless of their personal interest in the project. This practice promotes “list and dump” behavior where IDO participants do not care about a project’s utility and sell their tokens shortly after listing.

The second issue is that the high cost of entry outweighs the returns from a small allocation size as the community grows. Ultimately, these challenges limit the community’s interest and participation in the platform, creating a “ceiling” that restricts the launchpad’s growth.

ShardStarter is aiming to revolutionize the conventional launchpad models by leveraging the unique features of the Shardeum EVM-based Layer 1 network.

The Shardeum team is dedicated to introducing technical advancements and cultivating a culture of innovation within the ecosystem. ShardStarter’s launchpad services will focus on incubating, accelerating, and launching projects while prioritizing team and community integrity and authenticity. The overarching objective is to introduce dApps that align with Shardeum’s values, contribute to network growth, and benefit the global community, irrespective of their involvement in the cryptocurrency space. As the Shardeum network nears its mainnet launch, ShardStarter is poised to replicate this success by launching dApps that serve individuals in both the crypto and non-crypto realms.

How is it different?

The ShardStarter initiative is designed to assist new projects at any stage of their development, starting from onboarding all the way to launch and also garner loyal community members with highest of allocations. The process commences with a comprehensive review and consultation regarding the project’s protocol mechanics, tokenomics, and other critical aspects. The team then helps in the creation of foundational documents, such as investment decks and marketing materials. Upon completion, potential projects are presented to ShardDAO, a DAO community composed of VCs, Angel Investors, and Industry Experts, for evaluation and voting. If the project is approved, initial funding rounds are initiated, followed by our assistance in community building as the project moves through fundraising stages. Once the community is established, the project enters ShardStarter’s ecosystem, and an IDO date is announced. $SHMX stakers can then decide to invest in the launch based on their allocated tier level. The ShardStarter team provides continued support and guidance through regular check-ins and support calls following a successful fundraise and TGE. The community is regularly updated on the project’s progress through our Discord forum.

Why Invest with Us?

  • Innovative Projects
  • DAO Rewards
  • Staking Rewards
  • Exclusive Private & Equity Deals
  • Transparent with Top Wallet Tracking

ShardStarter is intended to far exceed the archetypes of launchpads. Shardeum is an unique EVM based Layer 1, and therefore a typical dApp that simply launches tokens onto a standard smart contract platform simply will not do. Shardeum has been designed specifically to break the mould in terms of both pure technical features, as well as the mindset guiding the team which will form the culture of the coming Shardeum ecosystem. We, as a launchpad, shall embody the values best suited to the expansion of Shardeum both within the cryptocurrency ecosystem as well as within the wider global community. Shardeum continues to build the proof-of-community and is currently moving at a rocket speed towards mainnet launch. We fully intend to emulate this in regards to dApps and the people they serve; crypto and non-crypto native.

How to participate in Public Sale?

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