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Curioinvest launches Curio Capital Dex, a decentralized, legally protected exchange primarily for security tokens such as Car Tokens issued by CurioInvest. Capital Dex is one of the first solutions that provide people with a decentralized crypto exchange of security tokens. It works in a decentralized manner completely relying on blockchain technology and protected by the Swiss legal regulators. Starting off with car tokens from the CurioInvest platform, backed by real collectible cars from Curioโ€™s garage. Capital DEX is a decentralized solution that supports other Ethereum tokens, not just security tokens. So on Capital DEX it will be possible to trade other tokens of the Curio ecosystem (for example, CGT – Curio Governance Token, CSC – Curio StableCoin, and others).

FOMO – the driving force

Now is the time when humankind has witnessed or at least documented the most advanced and most efficient technologies. The most important thing is to keep a track of the adaptability to these technologies that changes every day. Because this is the only way one can overcome the FEAR. The fear of not being left behind by others. The fear of not being able to be a part of the community.

It is the FOMO in the financial sector that first got into banks in the system so that users can do their transactions systematically. The financial system then turned towards phone banking completely so that no one had to move to do a transaction and all the banks were accessible on their phone screens via their mobile connection. Then the same emotion led to developing the internet in a way that it could be trusted for financial dependence on the internet and then there was a shift towards internet banking in which users can access their finances and make transactions from anywhere, they just needed a device and internet connectivity. This was a great milestone and this could just rest here but it should be made even more secure and decentralized platforms should be built. And it is the exact fear that has enabled the development of Curio Capital Dex.

Interesting – more inside info

Capital Dex is a merger of two most required and used solutions i.e. a fully decentralized crypto exchange of tokens that works on the lightning speed of the Ethereum network and are protected by legal security procedures for security holders. This marks an advantage over the traditional exchanges that are only providing asset tokenization. The algorithms that are running the platform are the most advanced and are under the global standards for holding security tokens.

Okayโ€ฆ! How does it work?

Just as a new car is tokenized by the CurioInvest, it is analyzed carefully and is added to an analytically generated risk-based diversified portfolio of collectible and valuable cars.

It will then be added to Capital DEX in the form of an Ethereum security token and available for exchange and trading. When there are several tokenized cars, Capital DEX plans to create wrapped tokens containing security tokens in a standardized proportion, highlighting the collectible car market value index. These tokens will then be added directly to Capital Dex.

CurioInvest already has the first successful case of tokenizing a Ferrari F12tdf in the form of a security token called Car Token 1 (CT1). This token will be the first available for exchange on Capital DEX.

Key Features of Capital Dex:

Capital Dex is purely based on the DeFi system and takes full advantage of it. It uses private keys security and swaps in Capital Dex implemented on the chain with a completely distributed system.

Capital Dex is one of the most legally verified and standardized platforms. It is backed by the Swiss regulators and industryโ€™s standard maintainers.

Since it is all distributed and is based on DeFi protocols, it is the safest and secure platform to exchange and trade. It is also certified by the industry leaders and trusted by a huge user base.

Liquidity protocol:
Capital Dex is a liquidity protocol provided by the automated market maker (AMM) algorithm. Liquidity protocols run on liquidity networks that enable secure, instant, trustless, and borderless transactions in lightning-fast transaction speeds.

Wanna use it?

It provides a minimalist user interface that provides a premium look and user experience. User only need to register on the platform via an email and is good to exchange and trade. The platform also provides five wallet integrations that are most common and are widely used. After registration, user is required to connect his/her wallet application and provide their personal details to successfully complete the KYC procedure and they are all set.

Considering it to be based entirely on DeFi, which is the technology of the near future, the platform is one of the most convenient and trustful ways to trade and invest in the security token legally.

Thereโ€™s even more

In addition to the standard reward for liquidity providers (exchange fees from users) Capital Dex also gives rewards in CGT (Curio Governance Token). Tokens that control the Stablecoin protocol, using the DAO protocol and stabilizing its functions. Capital Dex will distribute a huge amount of 50k CGT per month – a total reward for all liquidity pools supported on Capital DEX.

Also, on Capital DEX, the exchange of the Curio CUR token for CGT will be available at the rate of 1 CGT = 1 CUR. Join to become one of the first Curio Governance Token holders.

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Contact Number : +41 79 907 28 39
Country : Switzerland
Email : [email protected]
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