Blockchain is considered to be a vital tool with which, and upon which, new and innovative solutions are created. An increasing number of companies expressed their plans of entering the blockchain arena, but that was quite some time ago when they focused solely on the positive side of blockchain in various areas – in terms of decentralization, security, transparency and immutability.

Since blockchain came with its fair share of challenges, the attention is now diverted towards the various issues and bottlenecks that have prevented its widespread adoption. In terms of applications, new challenges of the large-scale blockchain have come to the notice. The most important roadblocks are technical ones such as lack of scalability, lack of interoperability, lesser usability and limited programming languages. Hence, a new blockchain system that can address all these limitations is the need of the hour – which is exactly why CreataChain blockchain was developed in the first place.

CreataChain( ) is hands-down the most advanced technology in the blockchain ecosystem that delivers it all – Scalability, interoperability with other ecosystems, sovereignty, and diversified usability. It is one of the most secure and improved systems that has the potential to add to the value of various industries. CreataChain presents a new standard of security, along with fair representation of crypto-economic incentives.

This ecosystem allows developers and blockchain enthusiasts to become part of a community that connects independent blockchain with each other, hence enabling them to communicate, and share values and data. The consensus engine of CreataChain ‘Creata Consensus’ and independent ‘Creata SDK’ let developers build high-performance decentralized applications securely. Hence, with CreataChain, blockchain developers do not have to worry about hackers breaching their security as the system is already built to resist such attacks. Most importantly, CreataChain is designed to effectively tackle the two major scalability issues: the time required to add a transaction to a block and the time taken to reach consensus. The ecosystem continues to operate smoothly even when the blockchain network is expanding.

All of the above features are undoubtedly useful – but what makes CreataChain revolutionary? It’s the innovative use cases. Here are a few:

Creation of secure DApps

DApps created on CreataChain will be innovative open-source softwares that are secure and resilient to the core. These dApps can be built by both small and large businesses on the system ICP to track transactions, and enable cross-border financial transactions without a middleman to perform the task. In short, Creata Chain offers secure access to data feeds, APIs and payments.

Monitoring of Crypto Exchanges

Creata Chain can help financial institutions and governments in building tools and applications to monitor the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Creata Chain’s diligent software will monitor and detect any fraudulent activities that might occur, and build a trustworthy relation with the users. Creata Chain’s investment and money transfer platform is compatible enough to feature multiple cryptocurrencies and carry out trading with different blockchains.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Creata Chain will help in exploring the craze of one of the hottest blockchain applications to ever exist – NFTs. CreataChain will offer development of NFT marketplace where buyers have the opportunity to become owners of digital media from their favorite influential person. Not just that, it will help individuals in creating their own digital asset in just a few minutes. The aim is to become the go-to site for buyers and sellers for NFT assets.

Closing Thoughts

CreataChain is indeed a powerful and revolutionary ecosystem that has the potential to completely transform the blockchain space, not just by providing solutions to the existing challenges,  but also by enhancing the critical facets of the network. It has given a direction to a far more scalable, secure, interoperable and usable blockchain. This ecosystem encourages communication between heterogeneous blockchains, supports the development of DApps and also, boosts compatibility with Ethereum.

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