Many are saying that C4C, Crypto 4 A Cause is THE most quickly expanding, multifaceted revolution in decentralized Investment AND Community funded Grants/charities.

C4C utilities:

  • C4C’s very own Crypto Exchange: Up and running now/ testing
  • STABLE cross Chain Yield farming platforms: In progress.
  • NFT minting/gifting to C4C members: Running now.
  • Lossless lottery: Coming soon!
  • Dao governance voting system: Coming soon!
  • Grants/charities: Partnering up. We are partnered with OneTreePlanted

The $C4C token is available NOW at a very safe entry price of $0.00349 USDT during a Private Auction Sale on Sushi. Don’t Miss out on this bullish Gem of an investment.

How do I invest in $C4C?

The investment process is easy. Navigate to our webpage (, then you are given 3 purchase options to use BNB, USDT, Or USDC. You connect your wallet to the sushi Miso auction app, then make a purchase using Trustwallet, or similar.

The Private sale will last until the end of October so make sure to purchase before that, and witness your investment shoot through the roof once the coin starts trading on DEX/CEX’s.

Why is there a need for C4C?

C4C’s main goal is to combat human suffering by addressing domestic and worldwide issues. 5% of C4C proceeds will go towards a specific charity or recipient. We will also combat systemic scamming in the crypto industry by educating our community on the red flags of Cryptocurrencies. C4C Team is doxxed and fully vetted. You see our faces, we will be here giving it our best every day. 100 %Truth and Transparency

How can All benefit from C4C?

C4C offers an expansive number of benefits to everyone, both investors and beneficiaries.

With the purchase of $C4C, the investor is granted voting rights to help choose our communities Cause. The voted-upon recipient may receive C4C funding, government-issued grants, and edu-grants. Our goal is to award $1000 – $10,000 every 9 months in education grants, to eligible participants through the Udemy Edu-grants system.

To find out more about Crypto4ACause, visit the official website:

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