Each year, decentralized finance improves how our society functions and makes our lives easier. Georgian Cradle of Wine is a prime example of such a positive crypto initiative. Its primary goal is to use crypto to connect Georgian traditional wine production to the international market.

Purchasing the greatest Georgian wine in the world will be possible with GCWine, and it will be easier than ever, thanks to blockchain technology. Their newly issued utility token, $GCW, will link you to actual wine manufacturing. The public ICO will begin this December 1st, so take advantage of the opportunity when the price is fixed, and supply is limited.

Learn how GCWine will deliver you the greatest authentic wine using crypto in this article. 

What is GCWine?

Established in 2022, the Georgian cradle of wine is designed to accustom the broad global public to fine Georgian wine and support local farmers and producers. Their team, or should I say their family, consists of marketing experts, lawyers, and the industry’s leading specialists willing to scale their enterprise internationally. 

What is the purpose of this project? In the span of five years, developers want to establish a global brand, GCWine, and have consistent sales in European countries. They will start in the Georgian market at the first stage to gauge success before expanding internationally. Currently, the active works to start the production are in progress.

This project aims to increase the exposure of authentic Georgian wine to the world by launching a recognizable brand and revolutionizing wine consumption worldwide.

Incorporating cryptocurrency in GCWine was a challenging decision, but fortunately, the company’s CEO realizes the power of decentralized finance and wants to use it for your benefit. That’s why he initiated the creation of the $GCW token, which will serve the company’s mission and ease the funding process.

What is the purpose of GCWine’s token? What could it provide for investors and you personally? Read down below in the tokenomics section.

Georgian winemaking

The history of winemaking in Georgia goes back over 8,000 years. Archaeological evidence suggests that Georgian wines were made on a large scale in the earliest times. It is still possible to see Qvevri — earthenware vessels used for winemaking. The Qvevri is Georgia’s most celebrated winemaking vessel and retains the central position in traditional Georgian winemaking.

The Qvevri wine, fermented in traditional Qvevri vessels, can be made from any fruit without additives or chemicals. 

Georgia cares about its cultural heritage. That’s why the national decree protects the Qvevri wine in particular, and other ancient sorts of wine. These laws ensure a positive financial environment for Georgian wines made by traditional techniques.

However, the insufficiently small production of Georgian traditional vineyards limits their competitiveness on the global market. GCWine, wants to address the issue and help to introduce Georgian winemakers to the world and vice versa. 

But that’s only some of it. Aside from centuries-long winemaking traditions, Georgia also is a homeland of the most suitable conditions for growing grapes. 

The country is one of the wealthiest countries as far as grape varieties go, with 525 out of the known 4,000 grape varieties being exclusive to Georgian wine growers. This heritage traces back to centuries worth of experience and a unique climate.

Why GCWine?

GCWine is the ultimate choice if you are considering buying authentic Georgian wine. Here’s why:

  • GCWine is acquainted with local contractors, farmers, and winemakers. Because their team is physically headquartered in Georgia, they have an advantage over foreign competitors in everything from fundamental language knowledge to links with local authorities.
  • GCWine’s CEO has the vision and the drive to grow and strengthen the business initiative. In the future, he intends to develop the company’s manufacturing and a chain of stores throughout Europe.
  • With their utility token, $GCW, you can account for rapid and transparent purchases. The best quality and feasible price are guaranteed for you. GSWine supports cross-border payments and wants to add more utility features to its token inside the GCW ecosystem.


GCW’s roadmap is divided into four successive stages that will help to gradually increase their business, onboard new customers, and establish a network of cross-border partnerships.

Currently, GCW is at the very beginning, the first stage. Here they have already done a lot and plan to accomplish even more. Importantly, GCW’s developers have created an official website, tested smart contracts, and launched ICO for private customers.

After accomplishing the tasks outlined in the first stage, GCW will move to the second. It includes the globalization of their team, public ICO, and increasing social media following.

GCW’s team will obtain the needed licenses in the third stage and start negotiations with European counterparts. They also plan to open a warehouse in Europe and increase social media traction.

The roadmap’s fourth and final stage will be finished when GCW achieves adequate full-cycle wine production and sales to Europe and gets half a million followers on social media. 


GCW’s native cryptocurrency is $GCW, with a total supply of 105 000 000 000 000 000 000 000; 80% will be sold at the ICOs and other sales, 10% will be allocated to the employers and partners, and the last 10% will be locked by the company for five years.

Because a huge supply is usually the driving factor behind a low cost, the floor price of $GCW will be low and affordable for everyone.

10% of all funding raised from the ICOs will be given to charitable purposes, which I find to be really inspiring and noteworthy.

$GCW tokens issued by GCWine are utility tokens that will be used to buy products and services offered by GCWine. The real-world utility that GCWine provides is the only difference between $GCW tokens and those provided by other companies.

In the future, you can explore GCW’s wine stores, enjoy the most fantastic deals and discounts in their restaurants and other establishments, and pay with GCWine (GCW) tokens, which will give you a 10% discount.

Disclaimer: read carefully and understand the risk factors, do not buy GCWine (GCW) tokens with your last money. Invest only the amount, the total loss of which will not cause a sharp deterioration in your financial situation. The crypto market is very risky and highly volatile, which can make you lose your entire savings. Therefore, before you decide to buy/sell GCWine (GCW) Token, consult with the relevant professionals and buy/sell GCWine (GCW) Token at your own risk and responsibility, thereby we remove all liability towards you, and invest only if you agree to these terms. If you buy a GCWine (GCW) token, you understand all the risks and you accept, according to which we are released from all obligations and responsibilities for your possible losses.