In case you haven’t heard, decentralized finance (DeFi) has taken the crypto world by storm. Unlike the traditional finance (TradFi) system that is controlled centrally, DeFis are made up of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, who make decisions, so people from all around the world are stakeholders. Here we look at some current and upcoming projects that we’d rather put our funds in or follow, than just the bank’s interest rates and our day job.


Uniswap, once again, needs no introduction; it’s probably the most well-known decentralized crypto exchange. It’s also the first-ever DeFi project built on the network. Some say it might be too late to ride the hype, but we can’t deny what it’s accomplished.

Users earn by providing liquidity through assets like ETH (Ethereum) and DAI. Traders use them as liquidity, and in return shares the returns with liquidity providers on the platform.

It launched its token in 2020 and has a stronghold over the DeFi market as of now. It’s only continuing to grow as more join the crypto market.

United DAO

Looking forward, United DAO is an upcoming project launching in Q1 2022, and a game-changer for DeFi enthusiasts. We won’t want to miss its launch to be the first-movers here.

It’s a decentralized reserve currency protocol that boasts the potential to become a native stable currency. The primary aim of United DAO is to function as a currency that can hold purchasing power regardless of market volatility. United DAO consists of its protocol-managed treasury, protocol-owned liquidity (POL), bond mechanism, and staking rewards that are designed to control supply.

Understanding that the true strength of the UTD tokens lies in the strong backing of the treasury, United DAO has taken steps to boost its treasury by striking a fine balance between liquidity, risk management and growth. With an experienced and knowledgeable team heading the project, United DAO takes on an analytical approach that’s highly welcome in today’s world.


IBC DAO describes themselves as a community-funded DAO working towards creating passive income opportunities and investing in Metaverse, P2E and NFTs. If you’re into gaming, this might be the one for you.

After raising $500,000 from crypto investors in crowdfunding back in Nov 2021, IBC DAO is likely to lead the play-to-earn gaming trend in crypto this year. Put together with the metaverse hype, IBC DAO strives to reduce entry barriers for players and provide them with a consistent income. Their public sale comes in this quarter, and they’ve been reporting outperforming despite the market conditions too.

Vector DAO

Vector DAO prides themselves on being creatives. This could be interesting to you if you’re a designer yourself, or have a passion for the creatives.

Vector DAO is a collective of designers in crypto and their mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of crypto protocols through design and investment – pioneering a new way of working to benefit creators more.

Vector DAO’s organizational structure allows the contributors to earn tokens for their work, distribution risks and earnings of each project among the members. They don’t have a token yet, but it’s revolutionary for the creatives in crypto.


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