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CryptoCat has brought massive attention in public on NFT in second half of year 2017, the definition of ERC-721 standard NFT property has confirmed, continued with ERC-1155 and ERC-998 which have renovated the play-mode of NFT. On the first half year of 2021, the NFT market value was worth 12.7 billion USD in total, which is 300 times than that of 2018. Phenomenal NFT projects such as NBA Top Shot, Axie Infinity and Bored Ape Yacht Club are leading the business prosperity. Data in 2021Q2 has proved the massive increasing in terms of public attention, with 0.754 billion trading volume on NFT(yoy+3453%, qoq+39%).

The NFT can currently be categorised as securities, collectibles and DeFi. NFT security market has great potential, yet it is still at fundamental stage of developing and the pertinent legal regulations haven’t been clarified. Therefore, we are still focusing on the NFT Collectibles area, where it can be subdivided to Art, Gaming assets, Memes, Moments and the varieties are still increasing.

The necessity of classification and management of NFTs apply the same logic of how crucial it is for us to manage our files on MAC. It provides the convenience to optimise our investment directions and even predict the potential outbreaks in NFT area in the future.

Purchasing and management 

We tend to follow the hot topics and issues when it comes to purchasing NFTs, especially those from Twitter bloggers or our community friends, with few people among us applying data analysis tools like Nansen (these applications are usually very expensive). Hence, it is necessary for us to have an NFT management tool, which can help us deal with the massive information streams on the market. The ideal functions include not only following the bloggers or friends in social network, but also classifying, exhibiting, exploring the NFT artefacts. Furthermore, it is compatible with multiple public chains and various NFT markets.

Social is necessary

Since we all are desired to display and curate our NFT collections to our friends, while being accessible to those famous bloggers and friends NFT private space. Meanwhile, the privacy is so crucial that we should be able to decide whether to make our NFT collections public.

What is Dataverse

Dataverse is an information polymerizing tool on the internet, helping users to establish their personal private space to manage the cross-platform and cross-chain information on web2 and web3, with the function of collecting, classifying, exhibiting, exploring and socializing. Within the private space provided, the extension tool supports collecting NFT in multiple platforms, managing NFT with mere one click to supply personal exhibition experience. The user space can provide showcase in the world, creating personal social tags. It currently supports Oeanseas, Rarible, Superare, Foundation, Zora, Async Art、Nifty Gateway、Knownorigin, Makersplace, and more platforms are expected to be compatible.

Manage your interests: Interest Graph

NFT-platform users have the urge for content recommendation. Users would prefer to have the platform that recommends contents so that they can save enormous time on self-exploring. In other words, users would like to have a “interest butler”. In metaverse, a manager for user’s interests graphics is needed:

  1. Individual user would generate their interests graphs by their behavior.
  2. The host of exhibition, who is the maintainer of the interests graphics and responsible for sifting chaotic information.

After downloading the browser-extension, Dataverse allows users to collect their favored artefacts, and listed on user’s personal space, classified by files and tagging. Users can choose to make their collections public or remain private. All those functions grant users to exhibit their NFT space and sift art-works for their viewers so that users can host their own online exhibition. Users can also follow the hosts for guidance of their NFT purchasing decision and the host may also profit from it.

Web3.0 to Data Sovereignty to DID

The vision of Web3 is to allow all participants online to have complete ownership of their personal contents, data and properties. Therefore, Dataverse ensures the user’s full autonomy, including sovereignty of their data and personalization of their space. The user identities on Dataverse are locked by their wallet address. Users will be authorized a DID once they sign up on Dataverse which binds with all user data while using the platform and only DID owner has the right to manage those data. Unlike Web2 applications, Dataverse will not take any data on DID from users.

The DID also provides sufficient social value, granting users to own their decentralized identities and profile pages, showing their owned or favored NFT artefacts and sharing their sole DID to friends or strangers to authorize them to visit. Meanwhile, users can follow and share NFT big names and hosts. Dataverse will also provide built-in applets to provide more functions so that users can enjoy further personalization, including NFT recommendations and information streams, smart matching between collectors and sellers, or re-creating on existed NFT works, personalized themes etc.

Dataverse is expecting the next decade

NFT is a form of property that represents owner’s social identity, and the intersection between Metaverse and Web 3. The interoperability of NFT grants the free interaction of all user’s properties and information in an ecosystem limitlessly on which information exist crossing applications and platforms. NFT also enhanced creativity of human being infinitely since its data structure has already ensured user ownership. Dataverse, however, is not only putting our creativity in NFT area, but also remaining the space for the compatibility of all contents in web 3, even web 2 based on our data structure.

There is no reference in our history for the potential of data-economy due to its rapidity and instability, yet the beauty of life happens to exists in the enterprising spirit. We can still systematically organise and study the revolution brought by NFT. It’s a proposal for a beautiful new world, and it’s Dataverse.


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