De-Fi, or Decentralized Finance, has opened up a new avenue for projects in the world of blockchain. Decentralized Finance is revolutionary in every respect. It eliminates the need for third-party influence and, subsequently, provides enhanced security to transactions and the ecosystem as a whole. And trading De-Fi tokens is the new trend amongst crypto experts and enthusiasts alike, given that these deliver relatively higher returns. While several tokens have, of late, been released into the space, none could achieve the set targets. But the winds of change have begun to blow, the market is all hyped, and investors can’t seem to settle down, all because of Diamonds are Forever or the $DAF token.

DAF is one of the most advanced De-Fi tokens to date, developed solely for investors and to deliver high returns and regular and significant rewards. The team behind Diamonds are Forever has considered all vital aspects and has come up with a system to create a project that would sustain the market fluctuations and remain profitable in the long run. In simple words, the idea is to remain sustainable and viable.

It will primarily be achieved with a user-centric rewarding system that incorporates a critical aspect to prevent mass dumping of the $DAF tokens. With Diamonds are Forever, a part of the rewards pool will be withdrawn and stored separately, which will then be added back. This ensures that investors can’t sell all their holdings and collect the total reward because all of it won’t be available at any instant. And if an investor does that, the rewards reserved for their wallet will be shared amongst the other token holders.

Diamonds are Forever follows an extremely simple approach. It tends to reward long-term token holders excessively and, at the same time, penalize swing traders. Users get a percentage, the same as the tokens held, from the rewards pool for NFT sales. For instance, if an investor has 2% of the total tokens, the same percentage, i.e., 2%, of the total rewards would be added to their wallet. DAF follows an easy-to-understand economic policy that benefits both the project and the investors.

Besides, another aspect that sets DAF apart from the rest is how it’s not manipulating the market but benefiting from it. To ensure liquidity, a cause of concern that led to the downfall of many projects, DAF will automatically send 2% of every transaction to PanCakeSwap for that very purpose.

Developed on the Binance Smart Chain, $DAF is a BEP20 token that is all set to revolutionize and restructure the De-Fi ecosystem. And this could be the opportunity to be a part of something big. So, get as many $DAF as you can, and sit back and enjoy the steady stream of rewards.

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