Q1. Your project EXMR FDN, what is it about, can you give us a brief?

Our purpose is to join forces, to create dApps platforms and other projects involving EXMR FDN token, as the functional economic asset within each one. Our target is to launch two or three dApps every year, contributing to a better crypto world.

Q2. What motivated you to initiate this project?

Motivated by the passion for blockchain technology, with the main objective of bringing people closer to this revolutionary technology creating platforms and applications that are easy to understand and use.

Q3. What are your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with EXMR FDN?

Our vision is to make the majority of people adopt EXMR FDN as part of integrating their lives, using some of our future projects or dApps, for their benefit.

Q4. What is the history behind the starting of this project, what difficulties did you face?

We started with the idea of creating a token with private transactions, but we changed this idea for the attacks and the blocking of financial entities towards this type of tokens, then we implemented a crypto payment gateway project and merchant tools something wonderful for all crypto users.

Q5. How do you plan to expand shortly? 

We create a network of developers to boost crypto space, with many dApps and platforms, which will be launched this 2020 in them we will integrate EXMR FDN so that many places, and will create interesting dApps and join many already established in the market. Will make EXMR FDN a token of great utility and value over time. 

EXMR Foundation Network will begin the development in mid-March of a dApp that will perform the following function for Gmail users by integrating EXMR FDN and some cryptocurrencies, send-only system through Gmail in the first stage.

Q6. How does the developer reward program work?

Our program will work by paying developers in our EXMR FDN and Ethereum to drive new dApps & projects to the world of all cryptocurrencies, not just the Ethereum network. 



EXMR FDN now integrates developers to work through a bounty system in different dApps and new projects and with the creation of GetCryptoPayments platform intent to Boost Crypto Adoption through its Marketplace.

The cryptocurrency space has gained a lot of momentum in the past couple of years, and the market around it has flourished into a multi-billion dollar industry. Even the government scrutiny around the space has reduced significantly and majorities of them have either regulated crypto trading and use or are looking to do the same. However, despite all this the real-world use case of cryptocurrencies especially the day-to-day use is quite low.

EXMR Foundation Network, an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem aims to work on the issue of real-world crypto adoption. EXMR Foundation Network has created an online marketplace ecosystem with its merchant tools for the crypto space, called Getcryptopayments, which will allow buyers and sellers with a common interest to interact with each other. The online marketplace would also have a native token called EXMR FDN, which would act as a fuel for the network.

The online ecosystem would leverage blockchain to ensure the buyers only get genuine, authentic products free from any kind of tamper or counterfeiting. Currently of online defrauding and counterfeit products, it has become extremely difficult to distinguish between real and fake products. This EXMR ecosystem would ensure that genuine sellers with original products and verified credentials meet the right buyers.

Ethereum Based Token, dApp, and Staking Reward.

While Bitcoin was created as a peer-to-peer electronic currency network, Ethereum emerged as a complete blockchain ecosystem with smart contracts, many dApps, and ease of creating your decentralized ecosystem on top of that. EXMR foundation’s online marketplace is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and offers a ton of services to its user base.

EXMR FDN, the ERC-20 based token will be the default currency on the GetCryptoPayments network which will facilitate lightning-fast transactions at minimal transactions fee. In addition, based token in all-new dApps and projects created under EXMR FOUNDATION NETWORK, with a maximum supply of the token of 75 million, it will take several years to be minted or coined.

To boost crypto adoption and use, the GetCryptoPayments.com platform would accept payments in over 100 digital currencies, making anyone from anywhere around the world make payments in the digital currency of their choice. The getcryptopayments platform promises speed, great transparency, low operating costs, security and control over transactions.

EXMR FDN also has a dApp platform, https://dapp.exmr.io that allows its holders to obtain a daily interest rate of 0.01%

GetCryptoPayments Offers a Plethora of Services 

GetCryptoPayments the online marketplace is not just another payment gateway as it has several services embedded within the ecosystem, which will make it an all-in-one marketplace for the customers and promote crypto use and adoption. Some of the key features include,

● The wallet is currently under development and reaching towards the final stage. Once the wallet is fully developed, it would have the advantage of high-speed transactions. The firm promises to use the best of technology to ensure high-quality wallet service.

● The integrated (POS) point of sales system will easily generate an invoice so that a merchant can receive crypto payments in their store quickly through any other wallet in the selected coin.

● This FIAT service will help merchants and users to convert from FIAT to cryptocurrencies or vice versa, a type of FIAT-CRYPTO swap system. This will only work on members who have passed a KYC and in some countries.

● Firm promise to integrate different plugins of the most well-known gateway payment systems for websites such as OSCommerce, whmos, open cart, open cart among others.

● The stores can be promoted within our platform by creating a profile; they can offer their services and accept payments from our users in cryptocurrencies.

● Getcryptopayments users can swap between one coin and another at any time, so they can use it to pay a particular merchant who does not accept the one they have.

The Getcryptopayments ecosystem along with its EXMR FDN token looks set to help accelerated crypto use in the daily lives of common people with it’s easy to use GetCryptoPayments platform. The company’ vision says,

“Our Getcryptopayments is now faster. Our main proposal is to cover several fundamental aspects: Security, lower-cost transactions, speed and our business prototype an online payment gateway and Fiat services, a point of sales (POS), multiple wallets, and a global expansion of our Project.”

“A macro exposition and the unlimited use of the crypto world will make EXMR FDN. Reach different countries around the world so that everyone can use our online services. Now everything is changing, the old technology has always been replaced by the new one, and remember that the new technology provides a new opportunity for everyone, so be part of it.”

The EXMR FDN token is currently available through public sale and IEO and has been listed on several exchanges. Given that, the EXMR FDN will be default token of use in the ecosystem its values are going to rise as the ecosystem grows in stature. 


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