In today’s era of rapid technological advancement, humanity’s exploration of the unknown universe is becoming ever more profound. We are proud to introduce 3T—a space exploration project powered by blockchain technology. 3T is dedicated to creating a genuine and transparent space exploration gaming experience, allowing players to experience the cutting-edge allure of blockchain technology while delving into the mysteries of the cosmos.

3T is an online post-apocalyptic survival role-playing game based on the BNB Smart Chain, crafted with dedication by a team of experienced and skilled game developers. This project has garnered the investment and support of numerous renowned institutions, including blockchain-centric solutions like ConsenSys, which primarily focuses on Ethereum infrastructure, and Enjin, as well as other prominent organizations such as MetaMask, Immutable, Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, and Pantera Capital.

In the 3T game, players take on the role of defenders against the “Trisolaran” civilization, engaging in intense survival battles with alien creatures within a space station to claim precious resources. The game employs the latest PBR (Physically Based Rendering) techniques, real-time ray tracing (RTX), and photogrammetric assets to create a vividly realistic gaming world, immersing players in the experience.

Meanwhile, notable companies in the blockchain and gaming sectors, including Interstellar Chain Technology, Space Exploration Games Company, and Future Tech Entertainment, have expressed strong interest in the prospects and potential of 3T. They have decided to provide support and resources for the project’s development, signaling a robust belief in its future success.

Game Experience

In the game, all players assume the role of an “astronaut” and must adhere to the rules to resist the alien invasion from the “3T” civilization and, in doing so, access valuable space station resources and receive corresponding incentives. Players need to fend off the enigmatic “Trisolaran” aliens within the confines of the space station, hiding in designated rooms while competing for precious resources such as USDT and 3TC tokens.

The 3T Space Battle Royale emphasizes social interaction and cooperation among players. Players can choose to collaborate with others to defend against the alien invasion and compete for space station resources, or they can opt to battle against other players in thrilling survival competitions. This diverse gameplay not only enhances the enjoyment of the game but also fosters interaction and communication among players.

As a blockchain-based game, the 3T Space Battle Royale ensures the security and transparency of the in-game economic system. With blockchain technology, players can transparently track and manage the game’s tokens and resources, ensuring fairness and credibility in gameplay. 3TC tokens, a core incentive in the game built on the BSC blockchain, are designed to encourage active participation in the game’s ecosystem. Players can enjoy various benefits through 3TC, including participating in game events and acquiring unique virtual assets.

Future Outlook

The 3T team is committed to continually striving to make this battle royale blockchain game one of the most influential space exploration games globally. 3T will continue to focus on enhancing and optimizing the gaming experience by integrating innovative elements to enrich the content.

  • Firstly, we will strengthen the game’s social interaction features to provide players with a more engaging social experience, enabling tighter connections and cooperation among players.
  • Secondly, we will introduce more sci-fi elements and storylines to create a richer, more fantastical space world. This will allow players to immerse themselves fully, experiencing more adventure and surprises.
  • Additionally, we will expand into areas like DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), using blockchain technology to offer players more opportunities for digital asset trading and investment, thereby facilitating value circulation and appreciation both inside and outside the game.
  • 3T will also endeavor to develop an open, diverse metaverse ecosystem, allowing players to create, communicate, and share their creations and works within the game, jointly building a space world filled with endless possibilities.

Renowned game reviewer David Tom has highly praised the innovation and entertainment value of the 3T game. He states, “3T combines thrilling survival battles, a variety of gameplay, and the advantages of blockchain technology, providing an unprecedented gaming experience. I believe that 3T Space Battle Royale will become a leading force in the blockchain gaming domain, attracting players worldwide to explore the unknown universe together.”


Through 3T Space Battle Royale, players not only enjoy an exhilarating and tense gaming experience but also engage in a token economy system, earning corresponding rewards. With its innovative gameplay, rich content, and the application of blockchain technology, 3T Space Battle Royale is set to be a shining star in the blockchain gaming field!