Coachella, California – Chad Enterprises is dipping their toe into the Metaverse with their newest venture into the world of NFT’s. NFT’s (or non-fungible tokens) have been gaining popularity over the previous months with celebrities and influencers alike. However despite their growing popularity, very few (if any) legal cannabis companies are getting involved in the craze.

Chad Enterprises has changed that with the launch of their project, the Chad & Brad Family NFT Collection. “We’re excited to be bringing this extremely unique project to the blockchain and we look forward to providing one-of-a-kind real world utility and first of its kind profit share to all the hodlers,” stated Travis Pastore, COO of Chad and project developer.

Chad & Brad Family not only incentivizes holders of its NFT with digital rewards such as exclusive play-to-earn mobile gaming, and access to a fully operational metaverse cannabis dispensary; each NFT in the collection is backed by real world assets. Each holder will be added to the profit share program for the company and have the ability to collect crypto as part of their many incentives.

As outlined in the project’s roadmap, the company plans to utilize a portion of the mint to launch its own decentralized altcoin. “Aside from expanding our physical operations immensely, we’re also going to use a percent of the funds we bring in from the project to launch CHADCOIN,” stated Mr. Pastore. “That way we can airdrop each member’s profits directly to their crypto wallet every quarter based on who is holding (an NFT) and even take it as a form of payment in our Metaverse dispensary.”

You can read more about the roadmap and the project’s benefits of ownership on their website at Chad & Brad Family NFT will be available to the public for 0.07 Ethereum on February 17, 2022 at 1:00pm PST. Participants in the mint will be able to purchase their NFT directly on the project website above. A whitelist is also available where members will be able to mint 72 hours early at a thirty percent discount. To gain whitelist access you must be a member of the project’s Community Discord Server at

Media Contact :

Travis Pastore
+1 619-822-5721
5144 Cesar Chavez St
Coachella, CA 92236


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