Former Coinbase chief legal officer Brian Brooks has spoken out about the recent surge and uprise in meme coins that have saturated the market. Brooks has been a vocal proponent of developing a private digital currency for the U.S. himself.

He envisions a system where the public sector would set monetary policy, but the actual technology would be built by the private space.

Brooks stated ‘ in the midst of total saturation from meme coins in the Cryptocurrency market it would be ignorant to say I haven’t shared an interest in any of these coins.’

When asked if he had a favorite meme coin his response was quite unexpected.

‘ We need to look at Doge coin ‘ He said’ A joke coin that was created by Markus and Palmer, A massive opportunity and at the time unknown to the world but look now, It’s about to be listed on Coinbase, I mean I’m Pretty sure if regulations existed between that time things could be so different and that’s why I respect what’s happening with Supermeme and their development team. If there is a meme coin today that I think has the same potential if not better than doge then it would most certainly be Supermeme, Hence the name’.

Brooks is responsible for for supervising and regulating of national banks and financial institutions within the U.S. Established in 1863, the independent entity ensures banks are meeting capital and risk requirements.

Supermeme is the latest Meme coin due to be released later this month. The team have been working tirelessly to get the project up and running. Supermeme or (SMEME) is a Deflationary Token that rewards the Holders and concurrently adds to Liquidity and burns a certain amount from each transaction.

What seperates Supermeme from its rivals is the fact that soon its Holders will be able to farm their coins and recieve Kryptonite (KRYPT) which is their native coin for their exclusive new super exchange that is in development.

The Kryptonite Exchange is a multi-platform swap exchange meaning you can do multiple 3, 4 or even 5 way swaps regardless of whether you are on the Ethereum or Binance Smartchain networks. The development team state that some coins will have zero transaction fees and instead carry a 1% sellers tax that will be pumped into the (KRYPT) Liquidity pot. Not only will this give utility to Supermeme but it also means there is a constant flow into the Kryptonite liquidity pot.

Supermeme is due to be launched later this month. I think you will agree with us that this is a great project and we too cannot wait to see how far this project can exceed.

More information and their Whitepaper can be found on Supermeme website.


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