Metaverse is fast emerging as the next big thing in the blockchain industry, and the top corporations around the globe are in a hurry to create their own or contribute to one under development. And, we finally have one that is a complete package, FreeCity. It offers a place to engage with other users, showcase or trade NFTs for a profit, attend concerts, or purchase land and build your house in the city. And, there is a lot more!

FreeCity is a virtual world that offers all the aspects of the natural world, and a variety of additional features that users are sure to love. And, the best part, you can earn through it. Whether you like creating NFTs or want simply to engage, there are some exciting rewards up for grabs. Also, there are film festivals hosted on the metaverse and parties to attend and interact with other users.

To enter, you can choose from a bunch of creative 3D personal avatars. Once you are in, purchase virtual land and build a house on it. The better the house, the more the benefits and the status. Also, there are social audio rooms to engage with other people on FreeCity.

One of the main features of FreeCity is the Microphone NFT. You can upgrade the various attributes of it, for instance, the batteries, sound card, grip, and luck. The rewards here depend on the battery capacity and other attributes. So, the more upgraded these attributes are, the higher the rewards!

Then comes the marketplace, where you can purchase and trade NFTs. Also, it offers the option to create and list the NFTs for other users to buy, and the one who mints it can earn a decent profit.

The FreeCity project is built on the Polygon network, with FCR as the native crypto token that will power transactions on the ecosystem and will be used to reward users. You can either purchase it from the exchange, acquire it by completing missions in the city or win these by playing games. Also, the token can be used to procure items from the marketplace or upgrade the Microphone NFT. The total supply of the token is capped at 10,000,000,000, of which 10% would be available during the Seed Round, and another 5% during the IDO. Besides, 5% of the total supply has been reserved for marketing the project to help it remain sustainable and viable in the long run.

So, if you haven’t tried the Social-Fi metaverse yet, FreeCity would be a perfect platform to start with since it’s simple and straightforward, offers high rewards, and resembles the real world to the maximum possible extent.

To find out more about the FreeCity project, visit the official website:

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