GearChain’s Early Adopter Membership will let industry players get the first taste of this revolutionary, zero-code app builder for creating efficient supply chains.

(October 25th 2022, San Jose, CA) – GearChain, which is revolutionizing the world of supply chains using the ease of a zero-code app builder, is pleased to announce its Early Adopter Membership NFT program. Early adopters of this path-breaking platform can apply for gold, silver and bronze membership and get an early pass to an exciting platform which can save dollars, induce efficiencies in global supply chains and even convert the smartphone into an IoT device.

The exclusive NFT program of GearChain allows its members rewards that include airdrops, voting rights and more. The program launches on October 25, 2022 (UTC-8 hrs., Pacific Standard Time). Details can be found on their blog.

We are excited to welcome early adopters to our innovative supply chain app builder platform. The NFT passes will allow members to reward their favorite projects or their organization,” said Harry Jung, CEO from GearChain.

After minting the membership NFTs, users will gain access to both short- and long-term benefits. Some of these benefits include TGE(ICO)s, lottery tickets, and more perks. The Algorand wallet is needed to mint the NFTs.

SCM systems today are burdened with many inefficiencies and cost related issues. Reports indicate that only 6% of companies have complete supply side visibility, and 69% lack total visibility. Failure of ERPs is reported to cost an average of around $100 Million to large organizations, and implementation failures affect around 29% of organizations.

GearChain aims to address these issues with its zero-code app building platform, helping organizations to cut down on these losses, reduce disruptions and delays and allow creation of cost-effective solutions.

GearChain at a glance

  • GearChain is open, public, and permissionless, thus truly decentralized
  • Zero-coding required to build Dapps for inventories
  • Boost collaboration of stakeholders and protect privacy with user permission controls
  • Just-In-Time inventory with automation
  • Use smartphones as IoT devices
  • Improve asset provenance and genuinity by extending supply chains to NFTs
  • Sync supply chains with Google Sheets for integration and customization

All of the above features make GearChain a revolutionary concept and platform. In simple terms, the platform is structured around two main features: a.) A cloud-based inventory app builder, b.) Smart contracts on blockchain, so that the entire process can be translated into the terms of the smart contract. The use of bar code scanning adds a great facility, which can be shared with all participants, including shippers, distributors, suppliers, receivers, etc.

The use of NFT as a token gate facilitates use of GearChain in the supply chain at the next level. Token gating is a novel concept, and allows a toke holder to pass through the access gates. For example, merchandise can be sold only to NFT holders. This makes for transparency and consistency in data flow. Trust is created as only authorized makers and dealers can access the supply chain. Token gating is a safeguard against counterfeiting and gray markets.

In technical terms, GearChain is based upon GEAR NBS, an inventory app builder that uses Google Sheets on Web 2.0, with over 2 million installations.

The status quo in supply chains needs a revamp, and GearChain is aiming to bring in the needed innovation and tools to create a new way of doing things. The outcome can be envisioned as a standard, universal supply chain protocol that enables building of customized inventory apps with no coding required.

About us

Based in San Jose, California, GearChain is building the next-generation, zero-code blockchain app builder for global supply chains. The GearChain’s permissionless, multi-tenant blockchain platform enables project owners to create their own decentralized, transparent, and consistent supply chains, while protecting privacy by allowing them to give permission only to the stakeholders. Founded by Harry SY Jung and his classmates of the MIT Sloan blockchain certified team, GearChain originated from GEAR NBS with proven concepts, and aims to bring together expertise from IT and various industry sectors to build solutions that are efficient, affordable and globally benchmarked.

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