The All-in-One Ecosystem brings you the GameFi world in a fraction of its price point

GEMS, an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem, has released a sneak peek video of their upcoming TGE launch, set for the coming weeks. GEMS’s ecosystem is the haven for both traditional gamers and GameFi players, allowing them to acquire NFTs at a lower price point, interacting with other players, and many more. This project has raised $5M+ USDT and has accumulated 45+ partners, including Project Seed and FOTA.

GEMS Projects Page Preview

How is GEMS launcher unique?
The GEMS Launcher provides a new way for gamers to immerse themselves into the Esports 3.0 gaming world, and dive into the key elements of GEMS!

A sneak peek video of the GEMS Product:

The GEMS launcher is the game changer developed upon 4 unique features: NFT marketplace, Esports 3.0 communities, Play2Win and most importantly, our supporting team!

NFT Marketplace – Make Gaming NFTs accessible

Buying NFTs can be tricky, expensive and inconvenient. Through the use of various payment models, the GEMS NFT Marketplace allows blockchain gamers to access a wide variety of powerful and rare NFTs to power up at a fraction of its price point. Buy It Now, Auctions, Instalments or even renting——you name it!

Esports 3.0 Communities
Traditional & GameFi can create expansive communities within the GEMS Community ecosystem. From clipping match winning highlights to organizing online / offline events and more! The platform is the go-to place for seeing moment to moment coverage on the world of Esports 3.0. Come and connect with one another!

Users can create and host their own contests in the Play2Win expansive tournament creation structure. Earnings have never been easier!

The Post TGE Big Plans
GEMS aims to constantly deliver the best gaming experience to the community. New features such as Fantasy Leagues and Minicade are on their way!

The above features are powered by the 5 cornerstone components—-the NFT marketplace, FanFi Studio, DeFi Union, DAO Guild, and P2E Arena. The DeFi Union provides decentralized financial facilities such as collateralized loaning and asset staking. The DAO Guild allows players to team up and decide, vote and manage the guild’s direction. In the P2E Arena, competitive players can compete against each other in teams or individuals, for an immersive online to offline GameFi experience. Last but not least, the FanFi Studio facilitates Esport rising stars to earn fame and fortune from fans.

Product Development Roadmap 2022-2023


GEMS’ vision is to break the barriers between traditional and blockchain gaming, as well as bring in the concept of Esports 3.0, where people can read, write and own their contents. This will make GEMS the pioneers of Esports 3.0. In earlier versions of Esports, the only beneficiaries from players’ in-game purchases were the middlemen, but now, players can own their digital assets and have community voting power.

Leveraging from its founding partners chain of Esports hotels, the project has recently reached $5M USDT in raised funds and accumulated over 45+ partners! This hefty number includes 32 VCs, Ecosystem Partners, Solution Partners and is only growing to take over the GameFi space, boasting limited partnerships with Project Seed, FOTA, DreamsQuest, World Overlay, Moon Ray, Star Verse (AAA Games).

GEMS’ tentative TGE is set for Q2 2022. Be sure to stay up to date and follow GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform on all socials for news on the TGE and their journey to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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GEMS stands for GameFi, Esports, Metaverse and SocialFi.

Proudly presenting Esports 3.0, GEMS is an Esports 3.0 Aggregator Platform within a unique O2O (online-to-offline) Ecosystem. Our one-of-a-kind ecosystem is designed to be the ultimate, one-stop GameFi destination, allowing crypto and Esports gamers to learn, connect, and immerse themselves in different metaverses and GameFi worlds via online and offline touchpoints.

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GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform

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Company name : GEMS

Contact Person Name : Manley Tai

Country : Seychelles


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