Investments have been a subject that’s troubled people for a long time. A small mistake, and you could end up losing your hard-earned assets. But, Genius Assets plans to change that by diversifying your portfolio and investing in a bunch of sectors. Also, it intends to bridge the gap between Real Estate and the blockchain by allowing direct investments through Real Estate tokenization.

The Real Estate market has always been one of the most sought-after ones and contributes considerably to the economy. However, investments into the industry haven’t yet been streamlined, and as a result of which, the industry is yet to reach its full potential. Genius Assets offers the option to invest directly in Real Estate, along with Fractional Ownership solutions. 

This is beneficial to both the small-scale investors and the project owners. While the former can earn a high ROI, the latter can quickly and efficiently raise capital. Also, tokenization helps eliminate the middle man by constructing a direct link between the investors and the asset owner, thus lowering the charges, fees, and taxes incurred.

Investment options to diversify your portfolio  

Alongside Real Estate, Genius Assets also offers a few other industries to invest in. Genius Air is a quick way to put your money into rental aircraft and earn a regular income from rentals. Besides, you have Genuis Highway, where investors stand a chance to make money off taxes after investing in highway construction across Europe. This particular asset offers a high ROI.

For those of you who admire and appreciate great artists, Genius Art would be the right asset to invest in. NFTs, as we all know, has taken the world by storm and are fetching millions of dollars. And the market for it continues to witness an uptrend both in terms of revenue and profits. So, going with Genuis Art would work well in the long run. 

Next, you have Genius Sports, a segment that allows investors to put their money into sports teams and earn through dividends. The digitized value of sports teams is the way it would be in the future, and with this particular asset, you can be sure to multiply your investment.

All about the Genius Asset’s native token, $IUX

The ecosystem’s native token, $IUX, will be used to make investments and power transactions on the platform. You can buy it during the Pre Sale, currently live on the website, at a reduced price, and use the token to invest in Fractional Ownership Projects after the locking period. Also, once the $IUX token goes live on an exchange, you can purchase it from there and invest right away.

The native $IUX is an ERC20 token with the total supply capped at 1,000,000,000. Of this, 31% will be available during the three scheduled sales. Also, as more projects get added to the platform, the value of the $IUX token will increase, thus boosting the value of your investments without any active participation.

The Staking protocol on Genius Assets can, in itself, be termed as another asset, given the high returns. The option will be available to investors once the locking period is over, offering up to 7% returns in 6 months without harvest and up to 34% in 12 months when the tokens are locked in.

Though there are a bunch of other investment platforms, none offer the same level of reliability, transparency, and ROI as Genius Assets. Besides, the tokenomics for GeniuX or $IUX has been designed by a team of experts with a clear understanding of the market and after factoring in the interests of both Genius Assets and the investors.

In all, the diversified portfolio and the high-performing assets offered by Genius Assets will translate into a steady stream of funds, and it will soon become the one-stop solution for all investors. So, don’t miss out on this great opportunity and register right away.

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