In today’s world, where media presence and advertisement has become a norm for companies to gain market visibility, the rising cost of advertisements, be it billboard or television, has turned quite costly. GOinfluencer aims to eradicate this barrier for small and medium-sized businesses through its AI driven influencer marketing packages.

With the growth of different social media platforms and increased accessibility to the internet among the masses, Influencer Marketing has dominated the marketing industry in recent times. However, due to lack of knowledge and/or marketing capabilities, everyone cannot reap the benefits of it. GOinfluencer provides a platform which uses advanced machine learning algorithms to help you search for the most suitable influencers for your marketing and provide deep analytics around it. 

Apart from helping the businesses to grow substantially, GOinfluencer’s mission also includes assisting influencers in building their brand in the market. Through deep data analytics, we enable the influencers to put their sustained efforts in the right direction, which leads to an increase in the number of followers on the platform. There are not many influencer marketing platforms right now in the crypto space. However, in the traditional market, there are a lot of them. But they are either marketing agencies or influencer marketplace. GOinfluencer is a next gen marketing platform which does social media marketing with the help of influencers. GOinfluencer has introduced the GOIN Marketing Suite, which makes running an influencer marketing campaign as easy as running a fb/google marketing campaign, but with much better results, higher impact and in the most cost-effective manner.

GOinfluencer Target Nascent Crypto Market

GOinfluencer has started with crypto space and currently, they are assisting crypto projects with their influencer marketing needs. Their plan is to expand to other market segments such as fashion and lifestyle, food and beverages and sports and fitness in the coming months. The clients are on both the supply side and the demand side of this influencer value chain. The supply side comprises the influencers and the demand side is constituted by the brands.

GOinfluencer plans to reach them through aggressive and targeted marketing, wherein they will convey the benefits of using their platform against any other influencer marketing platform. Furthermore, they also aim to partner with multiple launchpads as their customers (i.e. the brands looking for an ICO)  will be ideal for them. In addition to that, they are looking to partner with multiple funds and advisors whose portfolio companies can also partner with them for their influencer marketing requirements.

Crypto is currently the fastest growing market and this year alone, it has created more than a dozen unicorns. Most of these unicorns were small startups just a year ago with a small team at helm, but the right investment added with innovative social media marketing made them a household name. This is how GOinfluencer plans to work and help small businesses to become market leaders in their respective fields.

GOinfluencer Brings an Ecosystem of Tools and Services 

The main value proposition for brands is that GOinfluencer will provide the right set of influencers for them at the right price for their custom needs. Whatever is their need, GOinfluencer is the right platform to approach because their custom filters and metrics make it very easy for them to sift through the details and focus at the right place.

 On the other hand, the main value proposition for influencers is that, irrespective of how big or small they are, there is something for each and every one of them on the platform. From understanding how they are performing currently to knowing what changes they need to make in the current post to increase the probability of it being viral to connecting to the brands easily, all can be done easily on the platform. GOinfluencer differentiate themselves from competitors in the following ways: 

  • DIY: The platform will be fully automated, which the brands can handle themselves at a very affordable price point.
  • Generates industry best numbers. CPC, CPM and CPC below $1.
  • Eliminating sense of competition: GOinfluencer wants to provide access to the platform, even to competitors who use manual mechanisms for influencer shortlisting and campaign design.
  • Target audience: GOinfluencer will be one of the very few products that have their primary target audience as crypto projects and small and medium-sized businesses in other market segments.

GOIN (GOinfluencer) token is an BSC utility token that can be used to obtain access to the GOinfuencer S-a-a-S advanced Influencer analytics. GOIN (GOinfluencer) token is set to run on a decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security for all financial transactions.

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