Built on the Binance Smart Chain Network, GOLD RUSH FINANCE is an exciting BNB mining game with a Wild West theme. Users of the site have the option of using the yield farm to generate passive $GRUSH income or playing the mining game to obtain BNB prizes. The launch of the game token, $GRUSH, will take place on the Binance Smart Chain. Players can purchase Miner, Farmer, and Gunmen NFTs on the GRUSH platform with the $GRUSH token.

Gold Rush Finance is the first BNB Mining game with a SAFE REWARDS ORACLE on the Binance Smart Chain. The game provides gamers with a BNB mining game trip that is genuinely thrilling and rewarding. A brand-new blockchain gaming environment called GRUSH mixes gaming with NFTs and DeFi capabilities to give users an exciting and long-lasting GameFi experience. Players can hire NFTs to work as farmers, miners, or gunmen, then send them to the GRUSH world. Farmers are sent to labour for players on their farms, while Miners and Gunmen are dispatched to the mountains to mine.

Additionally, players can own farmer NFTs that will work on their behalf on the $GRUSH farm. All prizes are given out in $GRUSH in accordance with the daily emissions. The more farmers a player employs, the greater their benefits. Miner and Gunman NFTs are used to play the mining game while Farmers are used for NFT staking for passive income. The 3 character classes: are Miner, Gunman, and Farmer. Each has its own role in the GRUSH ecosystem. Assemble a crew of your finest NFTs in order to mine and farm the most income.

Exploring the revolutionary features of the mining game

The gold rush mining game has three revolutionary features that promise to change the landscape of the GameFi ecosystem. In order to achieve a sustainable game, we have built the game upon 3 major pillars:

GRUSH innovative Safe Rewards Oracle: Every time a participant receives prizes in a typical NFT game, they are compensated in the game token. As we all know, the value of game tokens varies significantly, especially immediately after release. After a few days, the game could also entirely crash, rendering all the hard-earned awards completely useless and leaving the player in ruin. When players mine rewards in GRUSH, they’re actually mining BNB. The oracle system will then convert this BNB in real-time when it comes time to claim the prizes, providing players the precise payout in $GRUSH Tokens.

This mechanism gives power in the hands of the players where they are in control and decides exactly when they want to cash out their rewards. They are no longer stressed or forced to rush to claim. Players may have more time to prepare and make investments that will help the game economy grow even more. No matter how volatile the market or the price movement of $GRUSH may be, player awards will always keep their value.

GRUSH innovative NFT Deflationary mechanism: The cycle and minting of the NFTs remain ongoing thanks to this NFT Burning function. It makes the game economy even stronger by encouraging frequent recycling of the $GRUSH tokens.  Players are promised 100% of base rewards for each mission your worker NFTs complete. 

GRUSH Closed Loop economy with deflationary burning mechanism: The GRUSH economy is designed as a closed loop deflationary model which maintains returns for gamers and farmers all in controlling the price of the GRUSH token by balancing the distribution. A large portion of slippage tax goes to the mining rewards pool, a small portion goes to the liquidity pool and the remaining goes into the GRUSH Farm rewards pool. The burning takes place automatically from all in-game tokens spent. It will go straight to dead address:

Tracing the upcoming critical upgrades in the game

The game is still in development mode with several new features and characters and new games set to be integrated in the near future. Some of the key updates include:

– Horses NFTs are launching in August

– Bank Heist game mode is launching in August

– CEX listings are already in place

– Marketing in targeted areas will be accomplished

Building an NFT gaming community is a fun but challenging task. One has to take into account the number of NFT games which are already out there. The good thing is, GRUSH-FI NFT game has its unique features and strengths which most games out there do not have GRUSH-FI combines many different core features which makes it a prime competitor in the NFT gaming space:

  • Sustainable Economy & Tokenomics.
  • Fun, Exciting & Profitable BNB Mining Game.
  • Automated NFT Farming for passive income with 5 years tokens emission.
  • The first BNB rewards AutoSwap feature which maintains the value of all player’s rewards no matter how long they keep rewards in-game.

The project hopes to build an ideal gaming experience for the Web 3 ecosystem with some defining choices on the reward systems and how NFTs are utilized. The project hopes to change the way NFT gaming has been done in the industry.

To know more about Gold Rush Finance visit www.grush.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Grushgame

Medium: https://medium.com/@grushfinance

Telegram: https://t.me/grushfinance

Discord: https://discord.gg/grushfinance/


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