Gylie, a decentralized exchange with its crypto, has announced that the first will go to market as of Monday the 21st of June 2021.

Gylie is a blockchain-based platforms that enables one to send, receive or exchange cryptocurrencies. Gylie is safe with fast and transparent transactions that does not involve a third person. At its core, Binance Smart Chain network powers our platform.

Gylie DeFi system is made up of crypto trading space, digital wallet, native token, and soon to be introduced, NFTs.

Gylie is planning the launch of Gylie Genesys, a project that aims at promoting blockchain technologies in women and minorities. A Forbes article showed that women and minorities make up 20% and 23% of crypto traders respectively. Gylie Genesys is looking to bring in more of these groups by educating them. The Genesys program will teach them about blockchain technologies at the same time removing the middle man.

Cryptocurrency is the digital gold and in a few years’ time it will de the determinant of one’s economic standing. Blockchain has been incorporated into different social and economic sectors such as healthcare, transport, communication, and real-estate among others. If the women and the minority groups do not embrace this technology sooner, they might find life a bit harder in the coming years.

To encourage learning, Gylie will be rewarding users with Gylie tokens on completing training or tasks allocated.

Gylie assets is already available for trade on Bogged.Finance and PancakeSwap, and soon on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Gylie will be rewarding its founding users, those who will register first, with Gylie tokens, Airdrop, as appreciation. The platform will also be rewarding loyal users on how they will be interacting with the project’s products.

Gylie is redefining boundaries by integrating an exchange, crypto wallet, native token, and NFTs in one platform.



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