The first Web3 lifestyle app that is urging people to improve their sleep and general health. There is no catch here, because the users will also get to earn income while they are relaxing their overstressed grey cells. The app is aptly called SLEEP, and offers users to earn the $ZZZ token for simply locking their phone while sleeping, driving a car or even having a rest during the day.

The SLEEP protocol has a dual-token ecosystem. The $SLEEP is used as the main project token as it will be used for governance and minting the first NFT to get started in-game. Accompanied by the secondary token, $ZZZ, which is used to perform major actions in the game: earn $ZZZ by locking their phone in one of the game modes, leveling up, buying accessories for NFTs as well as repairing NFTs.

Here is how it all works. Users of the SLEEP app (to be available for download soon) will lock their phone in one of three game modes to start earning $ZZZ; sleep mode, car mode and monk mode. The app comes with a built-in wallet to store the $ZZZ tokens earned and swap with $SLEEP, $BNB and $BUSD. Users can mint and buy NFTs and upgrade the ones already in their possession to increase their income.

Insufficient sleep is a global problem that is becoming increasingly common in today’s society while it is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to put that phone away, and earn while you learn about getting that all essential quality sleep,” said Hessel Koonstra, the CEO.

To get started in the SLEEP game mode, users will have to first mint an NFT bed by acquiring $SLEEP and $BNB. Subsequently, they will be able to buy NFTs on the in-app marketplace to improve gameplay and increase earnings, rent out NFTs and sell NFTs to get trading revenue.

The target consumer base of SLEEP is immense. Over 5 billion people have a mobile phone and need to sleep. A Philips Global Survey of 2019 found that over 60% of all people don’t get as good a sleep as they would like to. SLEEP wants the world to get the sleep it is missing.

With an attractive business model and partnerships in the works with governments and insurance companies to host pilots of using in-app data for real life events.

Being led by Apollo Ventures, SLEEP will host a seed, private, public and liquidity pool creating sale for its governance token $SLEEP with an initial market cap of $235,000.


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