Players around the world can unlock the full potential of Karma the Game’s immersive AR/VR/AI experience with $KTG

AlquimiSoft Media & Entertainment, Inc., the developer behind the immersive AR/VR/AI platform Karma the Game, has announced a highly anticipated upcoming $KTG token presale that will kick off in April 2024.

$KTG will put players in the driver’s seat, giving them control over their world within this cutting-edge lifestyle platform that’s changing the metaverse, AI, VR, and AR realm. Within Karma the Game, classified advertising is gamified for adults; influencers can earn 15% in residual income just from their followers in the platform. An average sale of $3.99 per 30-day avatar ad boasts a virtually limitless earning potential.

Karma the Game will soon introduce even more immersive features including an upcoming VR world, metaverse, AI characters, and mechanics. Geo-located collectible coins accessible via the app and VR world will let users trade cryptocurrency while getting access to unbelievable real-world discounts.

Karma the Game is already making waves in the industry and has broken a record by being the first app to create an original soundtrack. This soundtrack was unveiled on major streaming platforms across the web in December 2023.

Before the close of April 2024, the $KTG token presale will launch. People around the world will have their very first opportunity to purchase tokens at just $0.25 per $KTG. Whether investing casually or as a long-term investment, $KTG represents a way to dive

in and do more in the exciting Karma the Game platform. Be there as the platform continues to disrupt the AR/VR/AI landscape.

“Don’t let this opportunity pass you by,” said an insider at Karma the Game. “Join us in shaping the future of digital interaction and lifestyle platforms.”

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