KAZANO Currency Brief Overview

1 What is the casino currency

2 What he came to solve

3 What market is it for?

4 How to make money from it

5 What makes KAZANO COIN different from other currencies

6 What is the expected value of the currency in the issue

7 Where is it possible to get KAZANO COIN now?


1 What is the KAZANO coin?

KAZANO COIN or as it is called KAZ COIN (symbol KAZ), burst into the public consciousness very quickly far beyond what its developers expected from him – the beginning of development and currency base began back in 2020 – when after that she joined KAZANO, the marketing giant from Hong Kong QOOZZA – and from there Everything started to roll very fast in the middle of 2021 the early sales of the KAZANO currency began, through QOOZZA a very wide and vibrant community of people and businesses began to develop, with very aggressive marketing as the marketing system grants high and unusual commissions to any new customer joining the KAZANO currency community

By the end of 2021 the community already numbered over 32000 people who already hold the currency !! And over 45 businesses that have declared that this currency is going to be their main currency for use on the site !! , When its value jumped in just 5 months from 10 cents for a single currency – to 29 cents for a single currency !! In relation to the issuance of these new currencies, there are extraordinary figures that have never been in the new currency’s breakthrough into the market, but when you look at what this currency brings with it, and what it actually comes to solve, you begin to understand its enormous value in world markets. Three (300% profit in just 5 months !!), KAZANO is a currency brought with it in a real line to the world of the Internet as we will see below 

2 What KAZANO COIN came to solve?

The KZANO currency has come to revolutionize the world of games, casinos, gambling, competitions and sports on the Internet,

With the development of digital currencies there has been a huge development in the whole field of online gambling, gaming, competitions and sports, an entire industry of gaming, betting and sports betting sites has developed, which is used by cryptocurrencies only, according to experts in over The business belongs to the gaming and gambling sites, it is a market of hundreds of millions of users who purchase or sell digital coins just for the purpose of using the net,

But because the digital currency market is a decentralized, unsupervised and unregulated market, and so is the broad market of the gaming and gambling industry, a dismal situation has arisen where many have exploited the capabilities of digital currencies for various scams and scams, people depositing money for certain businesses.

When they came to withdraw the money – or the balance of the account – they did not get their money back, and the withdrawal was not actually made

Or people who came to play on gaming sites – the games were controlled behind the scenes non-randomly by the business owners as they tilted the game to the detriment of a player and more

Facing this loophole comes the KAZANO currency and revolutionizing the entire world of gaming, sports betting and competitions,

The KZANO currency gives a kind of insurance certificate to its user, that the game will be fair without any cheating, and that he will receive his money and profits as soon as he wants to.

How is it done? Combining the KAZANO currency with Provably fair

The KAZANO currency is a smart currency, from the third generation of the world of digital currencies and is based on the binance smart chain, and allows for transparency, and quick and cheap exchanges between colleagues. The KAZANO currency combines interfacing and connection to Provably fair, Using Provably fair at the same time in their game system, this winning combination of smart and fast currency with Provably fair allows players to safely enter the sites that use KAZANO currency, and know that their games are real, protected, and can be verified for fraud.

Only businesses that use Provably fair can connect the KAZANO currency to them for use, the KAZANO currency becomes a kind of insurance certificate for the customer / user / player, to enjoy safely without fear of fraud and deception

At the same time the KAZANO system requires the businesses that use the KAZANO currency to link the customer’s account to an external wallet where his KAZNO coins are placed, so that the player can withdraw his profits or his deposit money at the business. Immediately and independently of the means and fully insure his game and his profit / balance withdrawal without being dependent on one means or another

3 What market is KAZANO COIN for ?

Although it seems that the KAZANO currency is especially intended for the market for games and online gambling, which is a very large and quite respectable market, the very connection to such a large, central and comprehensive market makes this currency the leading currency in the Internet in general, due to high market traffic.

With the constant and massive consumption of a “captive consumer audience” who need the currency regularly – makes the currency itself a leading currency for many investors who want to hold the currency just because of its massive increase in value and its high demand which automatically creates very high demand above currency reserves To give and entails a very high increase in value


This is a currency that is currently just beginning with a huge and turbulent market that is going to pounce on and consume it non-stop, whoever missed the opportunity of Bitcoin when it was in its infancy and sold for a few dollars, can now take advantage of a second chance of the new revolution that brings KAZANO currency ,With a profound change in the digital currency markets,

Now the currency is still not tradable and it is possible to purchase it only on platforms that allow the sale of currencies that are not yet tradable, or on the main website of the KAZANO currency by purchasing different currency packages that bear annual interest on each package that is in deposit and not withdrawn for use.

5 How is the KAZANO currency different from other currencies?

  1. 1. Belongs to the third generation of digital currencies
  2. 2. Very fast (few seconds to complete a transaction)
  3. 3. Very cheap (extremely low blockchain network fees)
  4. 4. Huge demand – has a wide market that needs it automatically
  5. 5. Constant increase in value – because of its purpose it is in constant consumption
  6. Brings a revolution to the world of digital currencies – KAZANO is the first currency that gives security and reliability for use in gaming and gambling sites – something that has never been before this revolution expects the KAZANO currency to soon become a leading currency, His in thousands of percent a year
  7. The KAZANO currency is the first currency in the world in which companies have stated that it is going to be their main currency before the issue is officially issued, and before it is traded on the various stock exchanges.

6 What is the expected value of the currency in the IPO

Many analysts expect the KAZANO currency to be between $ 1.5 and $ 2.5 at the time of its IPO, according to its growth in the world and the amount of businesses that seem to be using it, and given the fact that 80% of the coins were burned before it went public. One billion KAZANO coins alone, with more than half already sold in an early sale, there is a reasonable expectation that within a year of its IPO, the KAZANO currency will reach a value of over $ 100 per coin.

7 Where to get KAZANO COIN now

The biggest opportunity is now – it is possible to purchase it on KAZANO’s main site. You need to register to open a personal account and then load the account (your wallet in the account) with money using Bitcoin, then purchase different currency packages. A package will double its value at least 10 times in a year and possibly even more

By the way I forgot to tell you, if you registered and purchased a package of KAZANO coins and you refer friends to purchase packages as well (you have in the back office your personal referral link as in stock exchanges) you get a very high referral fee

So for your guidance I am attaching here a referral link (it is impossible to register without a referral link) This is a once in a lifetime opportunity there are not many such opportunities in the world of digital currencies,

And one more thing … it is very worthwhile to hurry because the value of the KAZANO currency is rising every moment and it’s a shame to miss it



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