On February 17, 2022, the decentralized social network Viblos will list its token on the HitBTC exchange. This will be the second exchange where one can buy $VIBLO tokens. There is something to be interested in – since the first listing on the P2PB2B exchange, the $VIBLO token has grown by an impressive 1580%. Early-stage investors managed to multiply their investments dozens of times, not to mention the prospect of further growth. 

What is the reason for such an impressive success? In this article, we will tell you about the unique features of the Viblos project, and why the $VIBLO token may grow by another 1000% in the future.

Background: Big Brother is watching us  

Viblos is the first toned social network in which users can freely communicate, monetize author’s original content and passively earn money by viewing the publications of other community members. 

Viblos social network was created to deal with the inefficiency of centralized social networks. And indeed, over the past 10 years, large centralized social networks have degraded greatly. They have turned into a kind of totalitarian state in which the dictatorship of centralization stifles freedom of speech. 

For example, Facebook uses a special XCheck system that forms a so-called white list of ideologically correct accounts that are allowed to violate community rules. Logically, there is also a so-called black list of accounts whose posts are censored. 

The administration of large social networks willingly shares users’ data not only with law bodies but also with those who are willing to pay well. As a result, we know about the whole data market, although large networks unanimously deny its existence. The current system is a system of lies and manipulation of users. 

And while users are massively complaining about censorship and joking about Big Brother, in contrast to centralized networks, a team of fighters for freedom of speech on the Internet has created the first democratic social network Viblos.

Viblos is a democratically regulated network for users and content makers  

Viblos is a tokenized mixed social network that supports social interaction and community building based on democracy and freedom of speech and expression. The concept is that Viblos will never demonize or censor content because the author has his or her own opinion. Unfortunately, this is the path that most major platforms have decided to take.

Combining the traditional social network model and the decentralized architecture of the Viblos DAO, the developers of Viblos managed to create a unique product, devoid of the problems of large social networks, but with its unique advantages. 

Content monetization is the main feature of Viblos

Viblos transforms one of the most important mechanisms for the attractiveness of social networks — positive reinforcement in the form of likes, reposts, comments and other ways of expressing sympathy and acceptance into cryptocurrency, rewarding users with it for their activity.

The chance to earn money without any starting fees is a great motive for participating in the life of a social network. 

Viblos users themselves determine the value of content, providing remuneration to the creators of interesting publications. The more votes a post receives, the more $VIBLO tokens the content maker will receive. Users can earn tokens by creating and curating high-quality content. In addition, Viblos users are also rewarded for sharing content. Also, they independently choose what ads to watch. 

The concept of social freedom Viblos

Along with the opportunity to earn money, the Viblos social network creates a stable system of checks and balances that does not allow violating freedom of speech or cancel culture. This system has several advantages. 

  • Users have rights 

In the decentralized social network Viblos, users manage the system by reaching consensus on development and management issues. The right to vote in Viblos is controlled by the blockchain and belongs to the users, not the creators. 

  • DAO Content Moderation 

The blockchain architecture allows authenticating information, which allows you to ensure high-quality content. The content is moderated not by the administration, but by the users of the platform. This helps to avoid the centralization of information power in one hand. 

Have time to join Viblos 

Viblos is, without exaggeration, a revolutionary social network that implements a new business model and innovative privacy policy in the field of social networks, underpinning it with a blockchain that allows users to share and monetize their content in a transparent, secure and proven way. 

Having already shown incredible success in the growth of the token, Viblos does not plan to stop and will develop even more relevant solutions for those who want to regain their freedom in social networks. 

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