Games developed on the blockchain, which primarily involves crypto tokens as the means of how the player both receives rewards and completes transactions, has grown in popularity. This unprecedented surge of recognition is due to the highly anticipated releases of some of the biggest titles right now. However, there are some components that remained unexplored on the crypto gaming scene. Although it holds one of the most extensive and energetic communities, Hand-to-Hand combat-oriented games are left mostly untouched.

The absence of these type of games left a substantial void in the crypto gaming nation. Something needed to be done. Seeing the discordance in the community, some of the greatest minds involved in the crypto gaming scene started working on a project. This project, named Mazuri, was developed with the intent to become the biggest title in the Virtual Gaming Metaverse. The innovative individuals behind Mazuri are the CEO, Inal Sibekov, who has over 5 years of experience in both gaming and crypto projects, and the CTO, Grigory Gonastarev, a member of the Token Engineering Academy who is a proficient mathematician and token engineer.

The majority of popular UFC fighters today, including Rafael Faziev and Andrei Arlovski, are in collaboration with Mazuri. As Mazuri and its community expands, that list is certainly going to grow in the coming days, with a more variety of fighters backing Mazuri.

Mazuri’s PvP (Players vs. Player) style of gameplay features hand-to-hand combat, tournaments, the ability to build alliances, and also a co-op experience, that allows you to work alongside other players to obliterate the opposition. Mazuri’s gameplay empowers players to use their unique, skillful play utilizing their personal experience fighting within the game and vigor to come on top to be the champion. Mazuri’s UI (User Interface) provides the user a silky-smooth and interactive experience, encompassing all aspects of what Mazuri City is all about. The area where all the vivacity takes place, Mazuri City, divided into 56 blocks that each represent a distinct, real-world culture. Not only is winning an exhilarating experience in Mazuri, a player can make money from those wins and receive rewards in the form of $MZR tokens. Players also can choose which fight layout they want to participate in. These layouts can vary between one-on-one duels, or massive PVP fights, which the player can brawl alongside their teammates to decimate the other team.

Accompanied by Mazuri City, Mazuri also will have an NFT marketplace, a hub where users can trade in-game assets for a more customizable and personalized experience. The marketplace will also feature its own NFTs in the near future, considering how the release will affect market dynamics and inflationary impact. This marketplace will include the ability to purchase and reserve real estate, which can be sold for profit when the game launches. An exemplary feature that the team at Mazuri offers is the Mazuri Golden Pass NFT. Not only does it look amazing, it also grants access to the Alpha Test and offers the eligibility to vote on the available content and any changes the holder would want to implement into the game. Apart from those incredible perks, holders also receive real-world bonuses, including invitations to Private Parties, score some Mazuri merchandise, and participate in live streams of various Mazuri events.

The token running Mazuri City, $MZR, developed on the Solana blockchain, isn’t just an in-game token. The genius behind $MZR doesn’t just inhabit in Mazuri City. The token also fuels transactions on the ecosystem. The token itself is utterly a masterpiece. Given its solid fundamentals and market-oriented tokenomics, $MZR will attest to be an innovative token that offers rewards through staking. The total number of tokens is capped at 350,000,000. Of that total, 12%, or 42,000,000, will be up for anyone to nab during the Seed Sale, which is live on the platform right now. You’d want to buy $MZR in the initial sales to secure maximum returns because once the token gets listed on exchanges, the price is projected to skyrocket.

Additionally, 35% of the tokens is to be reserved for P2E (Play to Earn) and staking rewards, with another 5% for marketing the platform. By offering staking as an option, Mazuri is ensuring that we participate and engage in a long-term association with the community.

Mazuri City is still under construction, but once released, it will undoubtedly transform the crypto gaming space. Aside from gaming, the $MZR native token is also an exceptional project, foreseen to deliver an abundant amount of returns in the near future.

To learn more about Mazuri or play the game, visit the official website:

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