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Mech Master is one of the earliest games that uses augmented reality technology. The relevance of blockchain in the AR game business is tremendous. Blockchain enables 3D content developers to easily manufacture, rent, and sell augmented reality content. Decentraland – a virtual reality platform where users can develop, enjoy, and monetize content and applications, has a perfect balance of immersive content and blockchain. Players can join the Mech Master metaverse by owning a 3D model of a Mecha, which they can take photos of in real life with the implementation of AR technology.

The video game industry, now over 50 years old, has risen to prominence like never before in recent decades, if 2020 has proven anything, it’s that the game industry can build anything that other industries can’t. AR gaming incorporates a game environment into the user’s perspective, a reality that is augmented and its on the way to smartphone users soon. In fact, augmented reality is widely available and being used in a variety of applications, and it gets better.

Mech Master is an immersive 3D Metaverse on the Moon that consists of numerous game projects, each of which is a virtual city that is networked to form a massive gaming ecosystem. The first interactive 3D Virtual World of the Moon: users may purchase their own land, receive ownership certification, name their Moonland, and personalise it with self-designed avatars, logos, and brandings in the Mech Metaverse Ecosystem in a stunning virtual 3D Universe when they visit Mech City.Β 

Mech Master aspires to build a universe where users are able to fully immerse themselves in the gaming world, often known as the metaverse. We want to redefine the casual gaming experience, and the traditional gaming industry’s future. The project hopes to eliminate the distinction between “blockchain” and “conventional” games in the Metaverse World, allowing all games and gamers to coexist.

Mech Master will not be alone; we aspire to collaborate with other projects in order to broaden the scope of the metaverse. It is ready to associate, exchange information about our ready-to-use platform with everyone, and provide maximum support in order to improve and extend the world of the metaverse. Users will be able to play and earn from all of Mech Master’s games through the gaming ecosystem. The developers have been working on an E-sports gaming ecosystem, and Mech Master is the opening shot. Users can watch competitions in a way that is radically different from traditional viewing.

Mech Master AR App Implementation:

What makes Mech Master’s Metaverse Superior?

Mech Master is a revolutionary Play-To-Earn NFT gaming platform that has released the first-ever strategic turn-based RPG game in which players can develop their own region with future technologies and defend their homeland. Players in the Mech Master metaverse are tasked with collecting massive battle machines and futuristic weapons in order to save the world. You set yourself apart from other players as an expert Augmented Reality pilot with unique techniques and quick decision-making abilities. Because this is a blockchain game set in a sci-fi universe, not only will fight arenas reward players, but you can also benefit from battles by earning $Mech tokens.

There will be seven races and eight aspects, with hundreds of pilots and thousands of pieces of equipment to choose from. Mech Master offers one of the largest asset libraries in the game, allowing players to assemble the best Mecha lineup possible. Almost all of the items in the game are made by players out of materials found by players. Players can also obtain in-game stuff (mechas, pilots, equipment, land, etc.) in a variety of methods, including a gacha system, bidding on ultra-rare items in auctions, and winning highly special 3D objects with top-notch art/design as event rewards. The project is among the finest in the P2E NFT arena, gaining quality reviews with one-of-a-kind gameplay and great earning opportunities. It has the potential to be among the top-3projects by the market value given its great tokenomics and engrossing gameplay.

Mech Master VR Footage:

Unlike any other game, Mech Master allows players the freedom to think and build almost every single item in the game, merge the Mech MetaVerse with reality thanks to the implementation of AR and VR technologies, and remains to be one of the top heavily invested projects backed by other companies and projects. Mech Master will continue to push out new game modes such as the Moon Race, special events to obtain exclusive in-game items, or new features to make Mech Master a community that everyone will be interested to join.

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