August 22, 2021 / Memenopoly, a new coming of age gaming NFT solution, has announced a strategic partnership with the first community-owned NFT marketplace Babylon. The partnership would allow Meme-themed Memenopoly NFTs to be auctioned on Babylons NFT marketplace. Memenopoly is a yield generating blockchain “play to earn” game. The platform aims to bring the next evolution of gamified yield generation, leveraging the power of NFTs to reward players and farmers.

Memenopoly has made the game of Monopoly more interesting, offering earning opportunities with an NFT twist. The platform offers a host of games that offer various types of reward through NFTs and Yield farming. The token is also being listed on the FEG exchange and the project also scored the #1 spot on treasureland for NFT trading volume.

Memenopoly has also announced a contest to allow the community to create tutorial videos on YouTube for everyone to see how to play Memenopoly. It will be picking the top 3 videos to allow the community to vote on the winner for making the best tutorial video of a walkthrough on the Memenopoly board game. The winner of this contest will be winning a highly sought out “Diamond Hands” NFT. 

Monopoly NFT Blockchain Games and NFT Staking

Memenopoly is an evolution in gamified yield generation that combines the best of traditional yield farming, NFT yield farming, and unique 3D gameplay to reward players with both instant and passive rewards.

With NFTs at the core, players collect and stake properties to earn daily yields and collect rent from other players by rolling at least once a day. With token burns built into the game on a contract level and leveraging the power of Chainlink VRF, the project has set out to achieve the goal of releasing a transparent, fair, and fun experience that pushes the limits of what’s been done so far on the blockchain. The blockchain game offers a host of rewards and earning opportunities some of them are listed below

  • Stake over 20 player NFTs to unlock new 3D player models in-game
  • Yield farm LP to earn MNOP rewards as well as reward points to claim exclusive NFTs!
  • Earn daily rewards for every NFT staked and roll once a day to claim.
  • Earn 3-6x more per card a day when staking a full set.

Memenopoly has integrated a host of new technologies into its NFT blockchain gaming ecosystem to ensure fair play and transparency. Some of the key technical advancements of the game include,

  • Months of Live beta testing on testnet
  • Chainlink VRF integration for Dice Rolls and Randomized NFT packs
  • Solid dev team, with real-world experience
  • Code Audit completed by TechRate
  • Complete 3D game experience within the browser
  • 20k (20%) minted to be exclusively for liquidity and paired with proceeds from the initial pack sales. 

Memenopoly Offer 10-Tier LP and Staking Rewards 

Liquidity plays a key role in the success and failure of the project, many projects launch with a lot of hype but run out of liquidity within weeks, degrading the token value. Thus incentivizing LP holders becomes a key aspect of any project’s tokenomics. 

Memenopoly resolves the liquidity issue with an innovative game design that generates revenue on its own which can be further utilized for incentivizing Liquidity providers. The project has launched a 10-tier liquidity reward system within the gameplay with an option of an NFT at each level. The only way to mint the last card of each property set, as well as some exclusive player NFTs is by staking LP (or a second-hand market). However,  traders can only choose one NFT per level, so some tough choices have to be made along the way, or farm from multiple addresses to complete all the sets!

Completing a full set of NFTs pulls some of the biggest yields in Memenopoly. Each NFT gives users a daily reward and each complete set will boost it by at least 2x. 


The native token of the project MNOP would act as the fuel to the gaming ecosystem. The token is currently available on PancakeSwap. The token will be used for staking and LP rewards as well. 

  • 100k initial MNOP tokens offered via the distribution packs
  • 20k (20%) minted to be used exclusively for liquidity and paired with proceeds from the initial pack sales.
  • No dev share or other pre-minting
  • Fair “first come first serve” distribution with No Whitelist
  • Token price: 1 BNB = 250 MNOP (0.004 BNB per MNOP)
  • Listing price: 1 BNB = 200 MNOP (0.005 BNB per MNOP)
  • No max supply, the game generates yields and burns tokens on a contract level, and capping the supply would give a finite lifetime to the experience.

The MNOP token is also deflationary which means a portion of the circulating supply would be burnt out that would eventually increase the value of existing tokens.

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