Meta Farm Family – Is a Cool NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each individual NFT picture 1080px has been created by our talented artists and is programme generated from over 800 possible traits, including eyes, mouth, head, outfit and more. All of them are cute and awesome, but some are rarer than the others.

The opensea link is

Here is the smart contract:

This collection has been inspired by the stories of those happy couples, who met each other in the vast spaces of the Internet. Implemented thanks to the blockchain technologies and ready to embark on the new meta space journey in web 3.0

In brief about the collection; The planet is overpopulated and hard times are upon us. A critical mass of population will soon prevail. This will be followed by famine; a lack of natural resources and we will end up in chaos and hanger all over.

As a result, part of our friendly Meta family has left the Earth to explore the further reaches of the cosmos, their aim is to conquer the New World and to find a new home.

The other part of the family has gone back to the past in order to change and improve the present. The final part of our family has remained on Earth and on our big farm, in order to save the humanity from famine, hunger and doom and gloom.

We hope and anticipate that this collection will help you to successfully invest and it will be your next NFT gem to cherish.

It will also widen your social interaction and even ultimately help you meet your other half. You can meet your soul-mate and start a relationship and who knows this may even lead to the real future relationship off-line.

If however, you already have a happy family or are in happy relationship, why not give our happy token as a sign of luck love and prosperity for each member of your family. This will enable you to enjoy playfully the vast spaces of the Web 3.0. JOIN US NOW your future adventures await.

You can by them on OpenSea marketplace.


Contact the MFF team:

If you want to take part in this project, have any questions or want to collaborate.