Some call it crypto gaming, some call it play-to-earn gaming, and others call it blockchain or decentralized gaming. No matter what you’d like to refer to GameFi as, if you’re into crypto or gaming, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of the concept, if you aren’t already actively participating in and earning from it. In fact, the GameFi industry that has already scaled up in 2021 is set to reach even greater heights in 2022 with more games joining the fray. To help GameFi reach peak scalability and consolidate all things GameFi for users and developers, ex-associate professor James Mckennie and team created the MetaPocket digital wallet, created specially and optimized for all things GameFi and NFTs, where users earn from not only their play-to-earn mechanisms but from the wallet’s inbuilt features too.

MetaPocket is an exclusive wallet for decentralized finance and blockchain games, promising full integration with top games and platforms. It can be used on Android and Apple devices, having versions for both the App Store and Google Play, and aims to simplify the GameFi experience for all users to aid in scalability, as the founding team believe that the benefits of GameFi should be accessible to all users and not just to the super tech-savvy ones. In-app, there are various features such as the Game Discovery feature where users can explore games that they might enjoy, the In-App Game Browser where users can directly interact with all supported games, and the Yield Farming feature where users can stake their supported GameFi tokens to mine their METAPK token. The digital wallet even offers a DeFi Launch sniper bot that can check the mempool and allow users to buy any token right after LP is launched, and arbitrage functionalities that will allow users to make the most gains on their swaps through analyzing the various trading platforms.

METAPK is the official MetaPocket token that grants holders privileges including airdrops, NFT whitelists, trading fee discounts, and also functions as a deposit for developers who have to stake METAPK for their projects to be listed so that users are compensated in the unfortunate event that anything untoward happens to the game (think Axie Infinity’s latest hack). Upon purchasing METAPK, the player’s investment will go into increasing the METAPK liquidity pool capital, and also into the game tokens where 80% is distributed and 20% is burned. The METAPK tokenomics ensure that the price of METAPK will only increase over time, as more and more people join the movement.

With its swap and cross-chain bridging capabilities as well as its compatibility with multiple games, MetaPocket is set to be the biggest community aggregator to bring games to new heights, and allow both players and game developers to gain from their growing community.


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