The new Metaverse project QQS has announced that they will be launching their 60-day presale on 15th May 2022.

QQS is a community driven initiative focused on Web3 solutions, riding on the trend of Metaverse growth that is projected to reach $814.7 billion valuation by 2025. QQS will offer an unprecedented VR Experience for the community while bringing users together into one immersive and engaging environment.

Its Metaverse initiative QQ World will feature shopping districts to appeal to all demographics, giving users an immersive discovery-driven brand experience complete with global access to iconic stores. Merchants are also able to open their retail doors 24/7, thus making stores highly accessible.

In QQ World, developers and digital artists can create artwork, challenges and more, all using the simple Builder tool provided. They can also take part in events to win prizes. More experienced creators can make use of the SDK (software development kit) that provides the necessary tools to build advanced social games and applications.

QQS strongly believes that they can overcome the pitfalls of the biggest tech companies today by advancing into the metaverse world where they can make an accessible, fair and equitable platform for content creators, shoppers, merchants, and users. QQ World will be owned by the users, where users can create and view content, socialize with one another, shop online and more. All participants of QQS DAO will have voting rights and benefits within the platform – simply by being a part of it.

Find out more about the QQS project here.


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