Technologies advancing open vast opportunities for earning money on cryptocurrency. The participants can be roughly divided into traders and miners, which leaves many investors to have to choose between mining vs trading to figure out how to make a profit. Regardless of how much money you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you’ll inevitably face this question.

There are two ways to invest and make money on cryptocurrencies by trading and mining. In this article, we give a detailed answer about whether crypto mining or trading is better.

What is crypto mining?

Mining is a way to make money on a cryptocurrency by solving a complex code and puzzle that requires dedicated computer equipment. When the first Bitcoins appeared, mining coins was incredibly easy. On that era only a few people knew about the existence of the cryptocurrency, so the early miners were able to get new coins quickly and easily. As the price of Bitcoin grew, the mining process became more complicated.

To earn by mining, you need to have the minimum skills required for selecting PC hardwares and configuring the software. Assembling a GPU (video card) mining farm doesn’t differ from assembling one for a PC. A GPU mining farm is the best investment because you won’t be tied to a particular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. You can switch between any cryptocurrency supporting GPU mining, e,g.TRX(Tron), Ethereum, Monero and more.

This summer, the TRON Network launched a cloud mining service that offers a unique tool for TRX mining. The entirely free cloud mining service allows you to mine crypto on your mobile devices. Just go to TRX5.NET register an account to control a TRX mining rig remotely. The profit from cloud mining is comparable to solo mining, with the notable exception that you don’t need to configure the equipment yourself and maintain the mining rigs.

How much can you earn from mining?

Mining profits are relatively similar to trading but the risks are minimal so less that you no need to worry. You can exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency at any time, protecting yourself from exchange rate fluctuations. If you purchased all your equipment from scratch, then after you see a return on your initial investment, your further investments will only be in electricity. But now since have cloud mining the budget to start and the maintenance fees are absolutely lower so much then before .This have attract more people change from trading to mining.

What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is also a way to make money by buying and selling cryptocurrency. Crypto traders perform trades on the exchange platform and earn income from rate fluctuations like forex. The cryptocurrency is purchased at a low price (on a dump or light decline) and sold when the value increases.
To start trading, one should choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Trading volume, liquidity and the number of supported pairs are important factors in choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. It’s also necessary to choose a liquid trading pair. Keep in mind that trading involves a lot of risks. Controlling emotions and proper money management are the keys to future success.

It’s essential to define the trading concept between buying cryptocurrencies on the exchanges and margin trading. If you buy and sell a cryptocurrency, then, in this case, the highest risk is to stay with the cheap cryptocurrency that loses its value, but you can hope that the rate will grow over time. This happens eventually, but sometimes you need to wait more than one year for it to occur.Before trading in crypto, a trader must analyse and understand which of the hundreds of available cryptocurrencies will show maximum growth. That’s a very complicated process and requires time to study the project’s development activity and to acquire fundamental and technical analysis skills.

The highest risks are associated with margin trading cryptocurrencies. If your position is the opposite of the market movement, there is an increased risk of losing money. As with regular or leveraged trading, the choice of a convenient and secure exchange is crucial. Terms, trading fees, leverage and trading tools differ from exchange to exchange.

How much can you earn from crypto trading?

It’s hard to give a clear answer because there are so many factors to consider. The earned profit can be a lot, and on a good month, a crypto trader can make up to 100% of their trading balance. On the other hand, if they make the wrong decisions of sudden market changed while open trade, there’s a significant risk that they may lead to a complete loss of all money.

If you have the desire and ability to analyse the market and want to improve your trading skills, you could potentially see profits of 50%-100% every month. Everything depends on the buy-in price, trade position (long/short), the trader’s mentality and proper management of financial risks.


When comparing crypto mining vs trading, we can conclude that trading allows you to earn more but come with great risks. However, If you like taking high risks for the sake of high profits and are prepared to lose some or all of your investment (that’s how you need to mentally prepare yourself before trading) . Trading does require knowledge and skills. At the same time, mining brings you in contact with a completely different level of market participants: the people who build a cryptocurrency network.

If you want to constantly earn profit, gain knowledge and minimise your investment risks, then mining is for you. Compare to trading , cloud mining no need spend a lot of times do research on market and news. This time can be spent on something else.
Welcome to the world of cloud mining. By use proof of stake method on cryptocurrency, you can make 300-500%  profit within six months or even earlier. We wish you luck and hope you earn big!

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