MPANDO Browser has been officially registered at the App Store, completing another step to becoming a global browser.

MPANDO Browser is a blockchain-based mobile browser application that encrypts and protects users’ personal data. Data storage and management are ensured to be safer and more efficient when compared to existing browsers. Another big advantage is that it empowers users to block any advertisements in the app to protect their data even further.

Based on the Web 3.0, the fast browsing speeds includes a free VPN as well as a chance for users to mine for mPANDO tokens while using the application. As a big differentiator when comparing to existing browsers is the IPFS technology that gives users the opportunity to earn mPANDO tokens based on their advertisements watch time as well as on the application usage time.

The mPANDO coin will also be used in different applications of the PANDO ecosystem including the PANTALK app, a messenger designed to protect anonymity and personal information, as well as in the PandoVPN app, a VPN application that encrypts all personal data and search records.

The mPANDO Browser team is also planning to release the Android version in the near future.


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