Singapore, SG – Colle AI, the innovative multichain AI NFT platform, has recently announced a significant financial milestone, securing $2.5 million in funding from KaJ Labs. This investment marks a pivotal advancement in Colle’s mission to democratize AI-powered NFT creation, offering innovative solutions in digital art that unlocks new realms of creativity previously beyond reach.

Rooted in the values of transparency, security, and empowerment, Colle AI utilizes state-of-the-art AI technology to equip artists, designers, and developers with a powerful platform for creating high-quality digital media. Through its integration with various blockchain networks, Colle AI guarantees a decentralized and secure space that enables creators to explore and express their ideas freely, beyond the limitations of traditional creative platforms.

The financial injection from KaJ Labs is poised to play a key role in expanding Colle’s infrastructure, refining its AI models, and widening its community reach to include an even larger number of creative professionals and enthusiasts across the globe. This collaboration highlights a mutual dedication to advancing innovation and improving access within the digital creative landscape.

As Colle AI steps into this new phase, it remains focused on advancing its platform’s functionality, nurturing a dynamic creator community, and redefining achievable standards with AI in the sphere of creativity.

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About Colle AI

Colle AI is a leading multichain multichain AI NFT platform, dedicated to democratizing the field of digital creativity. It empowers artists, designers, and developers with a decentralized and secure platform to unleash their creative visions. By integrating with multiple blockchain networks, Colle AI ensures transparency and security in the creative process, pushing the boundaries of digital art and NFT creation.

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