TheTopSpotOnline, Inc is a startup Web3 company that has created a Music NFT Platform designed to have recording artists turn their music on streaming platforms into music NFTs. These Music NFTs can then be monetized using TheTopSpotOnline’s US Patent Pending process for monetizing NFTs. Music NFTs have become the new craze in the NFT market, and Brad Jones founder of TheTopSpotOnline is convinced that they will be the next big thing in the music industry.

TheTopSpotOnline, built on the Neblio Blockchain, provides a unique platform for Music NFTs to track the number of streams, likes, popularity, and playlist additions of the songs that the NFTs represent. This information is tracked over the life of the NFT, allowing each NFT to gain value as the music grows in popularity. Real value added to NFTs made by popular or burgeoning artists is the next step in the evolution of the Music NFT. has just acquired a thriving online community of 60,000 and counting, up and coming recording artists. This acquisition is set to lay the foundation for TheTopSpotOnline to become the leading platform for Music NFTs. This community is made up of talented artists who are looking for new and innovative ways to monetize their music, and is thrilled to be able to offer them the opportunity to create Music NFTs using its Music NFT Platform.

Music NFTs at TheTopSpotOnline provide a new opportunity for artists to earn money off their music. The Music NFT can now replace the sale of CDs as a source of revenue for the independent new artist. looks to become the premier Music NFT Platform for artists looking to monetize their music in a new and innovative way.

The SPOTT Token of the TheTopSpotOnline platform is a utility token used to make pay for the services offered. The ICO for the SPOTT token started at the end of March. The ICO consists of 3 rounds. The first being a private sale. The public sale. Verified investors are able to participate in the SPOTT token ICO by registering at the ICO Page.

The exact rules of token distribution and a detailed roadmap are described on the SPOTT tokenΒ ICO page. Bitcoin, Ether and NEBL coin are being accepted as payment for the ICO packages offered.