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The time to empower creators and collectors is now, we are thrilled to announce the direct listing of Nafter on Friday, May 14th, 2021 at 1 PM EST (5 PM UTC).

This will be one of the biggest BSC projects of the year and it will be available only on PancakeSwap.

No public sale, no whitelisted pre-sale, or advantage given to tiered token holders.

Purchases can be made on PancakeSwap immediately following the launch. We want our community to have a fair shot at getting involved with Nafter very early on.

Strategic backing;

Nafter has onboarded some key personnel to ensure project stability and assist with marketing and other project needs. These well-known and esteemed venture groups have committed to the long-term growth of Nafter and have collectively pledged their time, advisors & capital at a price point 3.3X higher than the initial listing price which we feel adds tremendous value to the project overall.

We are honored to be supported by some of the most prominent investment funds in the industry such as:

These capital investment companies have demonstrated their long-term commitment to our vision and support for Nafter as well as many of the top projects in crypto time and time and again.

So now you’re ready for Nafter!

Nafters is directly listing on PancakeSwap with a tiny market cap of $120,000 at the listing, with a circulating supply of 400,000,000 $NAFT.

Liquidity will be added at launch and locked directly after.

Initial added liquidity will be $75,000 paired with 25% of the total supply.

Listing price of $NAFT will be $0.0003 per token.

Nafter liquidity will be locked with Team Finance right after listing to ensure investor trust.

Rest assured Nafters contracts contain no mint function and the majority of unused $NAFT tokens will be locked and vested over time for platform use.

About Nafter:

Nafter is an NFT marketplace where creators and fans can interact, sell, and collect unique content. Every picture tells a story and now, using Nafter, influencers, and creators can sell unique NFTs to their fans, each of whom can own a slice of the story.

Celebratory selfies • Iconic images • Modeling shots • On the beach • In the club • As the sunsets • As the waves break

Whenever, wherever, and with whoever, Nafter enables creators to transform unique photos into valuable and limited Digital Art (NFTs).

Using Nafter, influencers can convert memorable photos into digital collectibles that can be acquired by fans.

The best part is!

No technical knowledge is required. Nafter automates the whole process, allowing you to transform stunning snaps into collectible NFTs at the push of a button.

  • Take a photo on your smartphone
  • Mint it as an NFT on Nafter
  • Post it to the Nafter marketplace
  • Share and sell pics to your fans

Nafter is a game-changer for creators, influencers and, anyone else looking to be rewarded for their work rather than lining the pockets of big tech. It provides a way to monetize moments and unlock more value from every photo shoot.

For fans, meanwhile, it’s an opportunity to own the compositions of your favorite creators and build your collection of must-have images, each represented as an NFT. All yours to trade, buy and display as you see fit.

Whether your a fan, a creator, or both. Nafter was designed with you in mind, come join us today.

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