NEXT.Chain is organizing a public sale for its token in the form of a liquidity event on the UniCrypt platform. The event comes as a result of the partnership between NEXT.Chain, PayAccept and UniCrypt. The firm planned to building a Uniswap on top of NEXT.Chain.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) has emerged as one of the biggest success stories from the crypto ecosystem. Its market cap rose from just under a billion-dollar at the start of 2020 and has now reached over $40 billion. Defi ecosystem is built on top of Ethereum and gained popularity for its passive income opportunities. However, the scalability issues with the Ethereum network combined with the large gas fee have become a hurdle for the ecosystem’s growth. As a result, many new and modern-day Defi Projects have started to look for alternative or second-layer solutions to further their growth.

NEXT.Chain is one such Defi powerhouse that has emerged as one of the next-generation decentralized finance projects built with the best of both worlds, where users can leverage, swap, and trade their digital assets with ease at a negligible cost. NEXT.Chain is a hybrid blockchain because it combines a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm with a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. These multiple consensus layers create an extremely fast, private blockchain if chosen, all while highly secure and ruling out the 51% vulnerability.

The platform combines permissionless trading, decentralized asset issuance, and the creation of NFTs (one of the hottest trends in crypto today). Some of the key features of the platform include,

  • Issue digital fungible assets, like stock, bonds, and other forms of securities
  • Create different forms of collectibles (non-fungible assets)
  • Create and manage sovereign/decentralized identities
  • Design and run other forms of arbitrary-complex smart contracts

The firm’s statement on the future developments:

“They are top-rated decentralized apps, but not instant and without zero transaction-costs. We are opening our blockchain for developers who want to deploy decentralized apps. Most of our dApps we want to keep simple, create digital assets with a few mouse clicks, start crowdfunding, or trade instantly without delays, hiccup, or failed transactions. With our crypto AppStore release, we want to offer an attractive marketplace for many applications that run on top of NEXT.Chain.”

The decentralized powerhouse has recently partnered with PayAccept, an all-in-one payment solution that combines traditional and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and offers fiat access cryptocurrency, lending, card issuance, payment solutions, and risk management services. will provide a secure instant cryptocurrency trading platform that is built on top of NEXT.Chain to enable instant trading at almost near-zero costs.

NEXT.Chain and PayAccept Promises to Erase the Boundaries Between Traditional and Decentralized Finance

The larger goal of cryptocurrencies is to be as functional as modern-day fiat currencies, and 2021 could be the year when cryptocurrencies become as acceptable as fiat. The partnership between NEXT.Chain and PayAccept are working towards furthering that goal to allow for crypto token holders of NEXT.Chain to use their digital assets for real-world transactions and act as a bridge between the traditional financial world and new disruptive blockchain technology.

PayAccept would look after the payment side of the NEXT.Chain business as it comes integrated with Raiden technology and Bitcoin Lightning, the platform would act as a gateway to fiat currencies, giving IBAN/SEPA accounts and connect e-commerce shops all over the world directly on NEXT.Chain.

NEXT.Chain Building the Future Sustainable Financial Infrastructure

The current financial infrastructure is centralized and scalable. However, government policies combined with various other factors have sent it to the brink of another financial crisis. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a viable alternative over the years, but scalability is still a major issue blocking it from going mainstream. NEXT.Chain is working towards eliminating the shortcomings and bridging both worlds’ best with its exchange platform.

With major institutions already going big on Bitcoin, the financial institutions and banking infrastructure looking towards DeFi integration to combine it with banking services. NEXT.Chain can become the blockchain for archive this.

Scaling the DeFi adoption with Unicrypt

The DeFi project Unicrypt has hit a new milestone with the successful deployment of its lockers and initial liquidity offering (ILO) platform on top of PancakeSwap and JulSwap.

Unicrypt now offers its services on 4 Automated Market Makers (AMM) among three blockchains. The project team is also considering new AMMs where they can deploy all Unicrypt services. The addition of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) support is a key move toward establishing Unicrypt as a top multi-chain presale & liquidity DAPP platform.

NEXT.Chain and Unicrypt teamed up to conduct the public sale on their platform.

About NEXT.Chain

Founded on April 23th, 2019, NEXT.Chain is part of a group of companies, headquartered in the Netherlands, with a strong focus on DeFi and blockchain technology. The group is currently in the process of obtaining an Electronic Money license to establish a fiat-to-crypto gateway and deploy cryptocurrency payments on e-commerce platforms.

The NEXT.Chain project is a new blockchain platform that draws from security and simplicity principles of Bitcoin 2.0, concepts like masternode technology while providing companies with easy-to-use and implement web 3.0 solutions for DeFi.

Media contact:

Company: B.V.
Contact: Chris van Steenbergen
Telephone: +31 85 3030600
E-mail: [email protected]


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