GameFi, which combines DeFi, NFTs and blockchain-based games, is essentially the gamification of many aspects of the market, allowing users to follow a trend to they receive prizes that may be marketed or saved.

When it comes to GameFi, the complexity of the user interface and user experience hinders participation, with many complex wallets and different blockchains to connect to. While platforms with a play-to-earn model provide chances to earn money, they must also be simple to use.

MetaPocket is a revolutionary digital wallet built with GameFi in mind. It will be listing top popular GameFi projects such as Sandbox (SAND), GALA Games (GALA) and Axie Infinity (AXS and SLP tokens) in March. With MetaPocket, everyone will be able to play, get paid, and discover the hottest and highest quality blockchain games all in one place. It leverages its compatibility with playing the top blockchain games in their browser and yield farming as the primary tool for driving adoption and user acquisition.

Metapocket’s cross-chain compatibility will boost the swap fee collections and create a sustainable business model, while yield farming will bring users onto the platform. The ease with which games within the wallet can be accessed will encourage users to stay on the platform, generating revenue which can then be reinvested into providing higher yields to attract more users.

β€œWe are pleased to be supporting and listing great GameFi projects, alongside with METAPK, our utility token. METAPK allows users and developers to enjoy exclusive functions or privileges of MetaPocket. It is also an important link between wallets, users, and project developers. METAPK holders can enjoy airdrop rewards of each newly listed project, discounted promotion fees, rewards like NFTs and game listings, just to name a few” James McKennie, Founder of MetaPocket.

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