As society is becoming more and more internet-savvy, there is a surge in demand to change the face of day-to-day business and how it is conducted. People are no longer ready to accept the bureaucratic nature of the financial industry of the old 20th century. The friction in the finance world has frustrated the consumers and at the same time businesses are getting exhausted and drained by paying fees at every point including the multi-billion dollar worth loyalty and rewards industry. The needs and wants of businesses in the fast pace of modern society are not being met efficiently by the costly and cumbersome payment systems. Consumers have become increasingly aware and cautious of the companies they do business with and are financially considering the value and authenticity of the businesses. Shoppers have become appreciative of a system that promotes equality and where they can exercise their choice by means of novel and creative technologies. The millennials of this era plan to spend 10 trillion USD in their lifetimes so the system has got to adapt to them and their needs.

Ovato brings a breath of fresh air to loyalty programs 

It was the Marriott and American airlines that first brought in the loyalty programs in the 1980s and since then this initiative has come a long way. The Ovato venture is one such progression in this field of rewards and loyalties where the Ovato token promises to affect the industry-wide royalty fee token currency with the active release of its token. The Ovato token covers a 22 trillion USD shopping industry by coordinating and serving the interests of shoppers, merchants, and influential people in its private chain of network.

Ovato Token – Designed for everyday real life

Ovato is seen as the next generation of smart utility tokens which takes a multi-pronged approach to liberate social media influencers, empower merchants, and reward shoppers, at the same time it ensures charity donations get to the intended source. Ovato is based on blockchain technology which, through its new loyalty system, aims at fixing fractures and frictions which had earlier undermined user participation in the entire rewards ecosystem.

Bitovation – The Subsidiary and Distribution Partner

Bitovation, based in Southern California, is the key to rapid mass adoption as it provides discounts and rebates on over 950 US brands that are already available in its ecosystem. Bitovation works similar to its competitors like Ebase where it gives you concessions on your everyday shopping on national brands and rewards you back with Ovato tokens. This ensures Ovato has a better mass adoption. Bitovation also helps merchants get initiated and onboarded into the crypto world by integrations into their POS systems. Most importantly Bitovation helps in the marketing of the crypto economy. Through Bitovation’s proprietary platform merchants can announce daily deals, special offer coupons, etc. Bitovation then helps market these special offers to the crypto economy via social search and targeted local digital marketing.

The Ovato System Benefits 

By combining Ovato wallet and POS system Ovato coin can be used by users for their everyday shopping, either locally or around the world. This enables merchants to onboard their customers into the Ovato system which ensures greater distribution for the Ovato coin. Businesses that are deemed high risk by the mainstream merchant’s service providers are also helped through Ovato coin. These businesses are mostly controlled by banking institutions that typically charge merchants as high as 10% commission just for processing their transactions. Merchants are also able to save time by selling their products and services directly to the users. Social media users and key influencers also have something for them in the Ovato ecosystem. They are rewarded for sharing content on behalf of their preferred brands. Merchants can offer real-time token rewards to whoever writes positively about their brands.

Where can you spend your Ovato coins?

There are more than 2000 stores that you know and trust where you can use your Ovato coins. Some of the most famous brands are Lacoste, Best Buy, Macy’s, Walmart, COACH, Nike, Amazon, and many others. This is how the Ovato system works:

  • Browse – Use the Bitovation platform to browse through daily deals of retailers, special offers, coupons, etc.
  • Shop – You will then be guided to the retailers existing website where you can purchase what you like as usual.
  • Get Rewarded – You will then get rewarded for your shopping spree in the form of Ovato which you could choose to save, spend, or convert into traditional currency.

The Possibilities with your Ovato Coin

Here are some of the things you could do with your Ovato token which could bring you benefits in multiple ways:

  • Hold – You could hold on to your token in anticipation of price appreciation.
  • Trade – You could trade your Ovato in exchange for dollars, yen, euros, or other digital currencies.
  • Spend – When you spend through the Ovato ecosystem you get additional rewards, special discounts, and other beneficial offers.

To sum it up

With Ovato you get the fastest payments which are practically free with the convenience of a web or mobile wallet. Setting up Ovato on your smartphones is quick and easy and it allows custom fit to suit your specific business needs. Irrespective of your business size (big or small) Ovato scale up efficiently with the kind of business you want to use and gives you remarkable efficiency in business along with increased revenue. In addition to all these amazing features, Ovato coin’s value keeps increasing on exchanges. It is aimed to be going 5X from the current market price, investors and traders both can benefit from this 2021 price rally.

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