The trade began when CatchLive Token, a user compensated SNS platform that combines blockchain technology, was listed on the Bittrex exchange.

CatchLive is a smartphone app that pursues communication and rewards at the same time, differentiating it from traditional media, enabling horizontal delivery of information, spread through networks, easy sharing of various contents that individuals want to share through SNS and minimizing user-friendly UI and UX provision and post content censorship.

Focusing on this, CatchLive allows users to receive additional rewards based on their activities along with basic functions used on social networks that can be experienced on existing SNS, which is a CatchLive token listed on Bittrex this time.

CatchLive is designed to allow users to distribute rewards for all means of contributing to the platform and plans to allow in-app payments to be made with live shopping functions in the future.

At this stage, we are preparing to connect the ecosystem so that payment can be made at Marketplace with tokens as part of the ecosystem expansion along with PG payment.

CatchLive tokens can be received as rewards based on various activities performed within the platform, including meaningful activities directly related to participation, such as platform running time, writing and sharing posts, and writing comments. In the future, when the live shopping function on the platform is activated, activities such as writing product reviews, purchasing products, and sharing products will also be added to the compensation items.

In addition, CatchLive provides a built-in filter function that allows users to self-edit various edits without using other companies’ apps for editing photos and videos and is also equipped with a function that allows users to upload photos and video contents to CatchLive with just a few clicks without going through a separate process.

It is also characterized by collecting activity data from users and providing more relevant content and advertisements to users. Big data and blockchain technologies are applied in the area, and user activity data is safely stored in the blockchain to address concerns about information theft.

An official said, “The advanced functions of the Catch Live app are faithful to the functions of SNS.” With the addition of token compensation and the concept of use, it has become a more unique service, he said. “We expect more people to know the value of this token listed on the Bittrex this time.”


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