Rhythm is a desktop music streaming platform powered by YouTube, that was released in Beta Testing on September 28th, 2021.

$RHYTHM will be integrated into Rhythm as the platform’s currency, powering our premium service, NFT albums, singles, playlists, and pins, and will offer wallet perks such as free premium to Gold Tier wallet holders.

Our Mission

Build the next generation of music streaming tools for consumers and artists with a bridge between the music industry and crypto.

Pave the future of both the crypto & music industry with an ecosystem that boasts of a new and improved solution for paying artists and products that will innovate both industries.

Rhythm aims to be the music ecosystem for all of DeFi. We have already started our project partnership program by partnering with multiple successful DeFi projects BabySwap, WatcherGuru, Vulkania, and WSPP. Rhythm will be accepting all partnered tokens as a payment for Rhythm premium subscription service and will continue partnering with and accepting new tokens as a payment for our subscription service.

We plan on burning 50% of all partnered tokens received for our subscription service and will the sell the remaining 50%. The sold tokens will be invested into the Artist Partner Program.

BeatPlaylist LTD (Ryan Davern) holds ownership of the Rhythm smart contract. Why? Well, simply put, whenever PancakeSwap upgrades to a new version, we need to update the Liquidity Pool swap address, which requires ownership of the contract. As of now, there will be no renouncement of ownership as it will disrupt the longevity of the token. We plan on implementing a Multisignature wallet, which will provide more security to the owner wallet.

We locked 4 billion Rhythm on Unicrypt just after we created the Presale. These tokens are linear locked, which means every month around 300 million tokens are unlocked.

We implemented this as our lock strategy to allow us to have tokens at our disposal for exchange partnerships, rewards, our Fiat checkout system and to give our investors peace of mind of knowing we don’t have 24/7 access to over 20% of the total supply.

The Artist Fund

The Rhythm contract takes 2% of every transaction and adds it to the Artist Wallet.

Rhythm already has all of the music, and YouTube already pays the artists for non-premium member streams. So artists who choose not to partner with Rhythm are just losing out on their percentage of the pie, which will get delegated to another artist who is partnered with Rhythm.

Now realistically, if you told Kanye that he was losing millions of dollars of potential revenue per month to Travis Scott because Travis Scott was partnered with Rhythm and Kanye wasn’t. The first thing Kanye would do is he would contact his manager and make sure he was partnered with Rhythm the next day.

This system of FOMO will spiral up the entire music industry. When smaller artists are paid out large amounts of transaction taxes every month, which more prominent artists could be receiving, those more prominent artists won’t just sit there and not partner with Rhythm.

During Q4 2021, we will announce our first group of Artists joining the Rhythm Artist Partner Program. Until then, the 2% Artist Tax will be set at 0% and the Liquidity tax will be increased from 5% to 7% to help create a stable price floor for Rhythm and to help fund the development and marketing of Rhythm.


In conclusion, we are creating the first proper bridge between the crypto and music industry and taking both industries to a whole new level. Join us on the ride and help us shape this next generation of music streaming, crypto, and NFT’s.

Telegram: https://t.me/RhythmChat

Website: https://rhythm.cash 


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