South Korea’s leading delivery app’s blockchain cryptocurrency, ROMCOIN, has been officially listed on the Digifinex exchange. Trading of ROMCOIN started on April 11th at 9:00 AM UTC, with an opening price of $0.036 and quickly tripling in value, stabilizing around the $0.1 mark. This significant surge has fueled high expectations for its role in the global delivery market. As a distinctive BUY TO EARN (BTE) type coin, ROMCOIN has garnered substantial attention from investors.

Following its successful listing, the ROMCOIN Foundation is set to broaden its market presence by aiming for listings on other major exchanges, including and Bithumb, expected by July. This strategic expansion is generating considerable excitement among investors, who are eager to see how ROMCOIN integrates into broader markets.

Originating from ‘ROMARKET’, a local supermarket ordering and delivery application in Korea, ROMCOIN is designed to serve as a global payment method within the ROMARKET platform’s B2E (BUY TO EARN) ecosystem. This innovative model rewards users with tokens for their purchases on the affiliated platform, positioning ROMCOIN to potentially redefine interactions within the WEB3 sphere.

The cryptocurrency aims to enhance the universality of logistics and distribution by connecting local markets across the globe. Should it be widely adopted, ROMCOIN could become a formidable global currency, particularly advantageous for overseas travelers and within the tourism sector. Its easy accessibility encourages use in local commercial areas worldwide, promoting its potential growth alongside the community that supports its values.

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