LONDON, ENGLAND (19th July 2021) Save The World token has achieved incredible success in its first two months since launch highlighted by $1.7 million dollars in total donations to Crypto Relief in India.  Today, the project proudly announces that over $2mm has been donated to various charities or charity related projects.  Some of these include the American, Cancer Society, Eden Reforestation Project, Real Life Superheroes, Act Now Africa and the Nelson Mandela foundation.

Save The World continues its mission with a campaign back in South Africa and a partnership with the Edward Billion Foundation and fitness influencer Pearl Garavaglia.  This project is focused on the lack of access to sanitary pads for women in rural parts of the country.  The aim is to spread awareness and purchase sanitary pads with the donation.  On the first donation night, which produced over $11,000, Save The World was joined by Pearl Garavaglia and Grammy Award winning musician Anthony Hamilton via The Save The World official donation live stream on Instagram.  The guests along with Save The World shared their goal with the community to donate 670,000 sanitary pads to women.  This number was chosen as a tribute to Nelson Mandela, who spent 67 years fighting injustice and inequality in South Africa.

Impact Investing with Save The World

Save The World token is a cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain.  In the first half of 2021, “Meme Coins” were trending in popularity led by Doge and Shibu Inu. Seeing these projects have success, Save The World token launched and is a first mover in the Crypto Charity or Impact Investment space.  Their cryptocurrency utilizes a 10% tax which is applied to each transaction of the token, whether that is a buy, sell or transfer. A portion of the tax is distributed to the holders, for donation and marketing/operations.  This tax has allowed for Save The World to generate funds and make these high-profile donations, providing support to individuals across world. The goal is for investors in cryptocurrency to have real world impact while making money.

How does Save The World choose where the funds are being donated to?

Save The World discusses potential upcoming charities with their community.  Some of the charities have been voted on by the community.  The developers are working on introducing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Save The World DAO will allow for individuals within the community to receive governance over the project and allow them to vote on various decisions and directions for the future of the project. Save The World are close to finalizing their DAO, and they are very excited to release their DAO within the forthcoming weeks.


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